Hundvåg (island)

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Hundvåg IMG 5903.jpg
View of Hundvåg
Hundvåg is located in Rogaland
Location in Rogaland county
LocationRogaland, Norway
Coordinates59°00′06″N 5°43′54″E / 59.0017°N 5.7318°E / 59.0017; 5.7318Coordinates: 59°00′06″N 5°43′54″E / 59.0017°N 5.7318°E / 59.0017; 5.7318
Area4.7 km2 (1.8 sq mi)
Length2.7 km (1.68 mi)
Width2.7 km (1.68 mi)

Hundvåg is an island in Stavanger municipality in Rogaland county, Norway. The island is located in the borough of Hundvåg, just north of the city centre of Stavanger, separated by the Byfjorden. The 4.7-square-kilometre (1.8 sq mi) island is relatively flat and very urbanized. There were 9803 residents of the island in 2014. There is some agricultural areas as well as a lot of industry. The small island of Buøy is connected to the south side of Hundvåg by a small man-made isthmus. Hundvåg Church is located on the island.[1]

Planned route of Ryfast subsea tunnel


Hundvåg is connected to the mainland by a series of bridges connecting the islands of Buøy to Engøy to Sølyst to Grasholmen and then over the Stavanger City Bridge to the mainland of the city. Hundvåg Tunnel is currently under construction (as of 2016) and it will go under the sea and islands from the mainland of Stavanger to the northern part of Hundvåg island. Ryfast subsea tunnel will continue with Ryfylke Tunnel which also being built from Hundvåg under the fjord to the east connecting the island to Strand municipality about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) away.[1][2]

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