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Hung Hom Bay Buildings

Hung Hom Bay (Chinese: 紅磡灣; pinyin: Hóngkàn Wān; Jyutping: hung4 ham3 waan1) is a bay in Victoria Harbour, between Tsim Sha Tsui and Hung Hom in south Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Since 1850, parts of the bay have been reclaimed and by 1996, it had all but disappeared. All of present-day Tsim Sha Tsui East and Hung Hom Station on the MTR as well as the Hung Hom Ferry Pier are on the land reclaimed from the bay. The reclamation also buried several rocks, including Rumsey Rock. The bay once came inland as far as the present day interchange of the West Kowloon Corridor and the Hung Hom Bypass. A current reclamation project is ongoing along the last remaining pieces of the bay, to include a new waterfront promenade.



The Hong Kong Coliseum consists of a big arena and a number of conference rooms


Royal Peninsula car entrance

Coordinates: 22°18′N 114°11′E / 22.300°N 114.183°E / 22.300; 114.183