Hungarian Extraliga

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Hungarian Extraliga
Current season or competition::
2011-12 Hungarian Extraliga season
Sport Rugby union
Number of teams 6
Country  Hungary (5)
 Romania (1)

The Extraliga (also DHL Extraliga for sponsorship reasons) is the top tier national rugby union competition in Hungary. There is promotion and relegation involved between the Extraliga and the next level down, Nemzeti Bajnokság I (First Division).

Format and structure[edit]

Six teams take part.[1] Each team plays every other team twice, in other words, both home and away.

Current teams[edit]

2011-12 season

Location of teams in the Extraliga 2011-12
Club Full name City Stadium
Battai Bulldogok Battai Bulldogok Rögbi Klub Százhalombatta Százhalombattai Városi Szabadidőközpont
Budapest Exiles RFC Budapest Exiles Rugby Football Club Budapest Leányfalu sporttelep
Esztergomi Vitézek Esztergomi Vitézek Rugby Sportegyesület Esztergom Ferences sporttelep
Fit World Gorillák RC Fit World Gorillák Rugby Club Szeged Etelka sori stadion
Kecskeméti Atlétika és Rugby Club Kecskeméti Atlétika és Rugby Club Kecskemét Széktói Stadion (4th Field)
RC Spartan Oradea[2] Rugby Club Spartan Oradea Oradea, Romania N/A

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  2. ^ They are referred to as Nagyvárad Spartans. Nagyvárad is the Hungarian name for the city.