Hungary v El Salvador (1982 FIFA World Cup)

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1982 FIFA World Cup
Group 3
The Nuevo Estadio held the match
Event 1982 FIFA World Cup
Date 15 June 1982
Venue Nuevo Estadio, Elche
Referee Ibrahim Youssef Al-Doy (Bahrain)
Attendance 23,000

Hungary v El Salvador was the second game to be played in Group 3 of the first group stage at the 1982 FIFA World Cup. The game was played at Nuevo Estadio in Elche, Spain, on 15 June. Hungary won the match 10–1, recording the biggest scoreline in FIFA World Cup finals history.[1][2]

Hungarian substitute László Kiss scored a hat-trick, the only World Cup hat-trick by a substitute,[3] and the fastest ever in a World Cup, in the space of seven minutes.[4]


Hungary had experience of playing in the final of both the 1938 and 1954 World Cups.[citation needed]

Prior to the World Cup, El Salvador, due to economic reasons sent a 20-men squad (as opposed to a 22-men squad). Hungary sent their full team. According to the World Cup's technical report:

El Salvador had a very good preparatory programme, mainly with the emphasis on endurance, speed and strength (…) but, has it happened, the special political circumstances in the country prevented the final stage from being carried out in as concentrated a way as one would have actually wished.

The draw for the group stage of the 1982 World Cup paired Hungary and El Salvador with Argentina and Belgium in Group 3. Before the game, holders Argentina had lost 1–0 to Belgium in the opening game of the tournament, the first surprise in 1982 FIFA World Cup.[citation needed] Despite this win, Hungary failed to advance out of the group stage.



15 June 1982
21:00 CEST
Hungary  10–1  El Salvador
Nyilasi Goal 4'83'
Pölöskei Goal 11'
Fazekas Goal 23'54'
Tóth Goal 50'
L. Kiss Goal 69'72'76'
Szentes Goal 70'
Report Ramírez Zapata Goal 64'
Nuevo Estadio, Elche
Attendance: 23,000
Referee: Ibrahim Youssef Al-Doy (Bahrain)
GK 1 Ferenc Mészáros
DF 2 Győző Martos
DF 3 László Bálint
DF 4 József Tóth
MF 5 Sándor Müller Substituted off 69'
DF 6 Imre Garaba
FW 7 László Fazekas YC 32'
MF 8 Tibor Nyilasi (c) YC 1'
FW 9 András Törőcsik Substituted off 55'
FW 11 Gábor Pölöskei
DF 14 Sándor Sallai
GK 21 Béla Katzirz
DF 19 József Varga
MF 12 Lázár Szentes Substituted in 69'
MF 17 Károly Csapó
FW 10 László Kiss Substituted in 55'
Hungary Kálmán Mészöly
GK 1 Luis Guevara Mora
DF 2 Mario Castillo
DF 3 José Francisco Jovel
DF 4 Carlos Recinos
MF 6 Joaquín Ventura Substituted off 79'
MF 8 José Luis Rugamas Substituted off 27'
FW 9 Ever Hernández
MF 10 Norberto Huezo (c)
FW 11 Jorge González
FW 13 José María Rivas
DF 15 Jaime Rodríguez
GK 19 Eduardo Hernández
DF 5 Ramón Fagoaga Substituted in 79'
DF 12 Francisco Osorto
MF 16 Mauricio Alfaro
FW 14 Luis Ramírez Zapata Substituted in 27'
El Salvador Mauricio Rodríguez

Assistant referees:
Charles Corver (Netherlands)
Henning Lund-Sorensen (Denmark)

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