Hungry, Hungry Ghost

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Hungry, Hungry Ghost
Origin Berlin, Germany
San Francisco, United States
Genres post-indie transcendentalist punk
Years active 2006-2012
Labels Infinite Best (us)
widerheim (de)
Members Alex Haager
Wagemann Pappe
Past members Sebastian Nehen (2006-2010)
Sven Flesch (2006-2010)
Elisabeth King (2007-2010)
Thomas Mlynar (2007–2008)
Robert Kretzschmar (2006-2007)
Ellinor Blixt (2007)
Heather Logsdon (2010-2012)
Katie Day (2010-2012)
Logan Barrier (2011-2012)

Hungry, Hungry Ghost [1] was a one to five-piece band, founded in Berlin, but whose members came from America, England and Germany. They satirically referred to themselves as the first and only post-indie transcendentalist punk band in the world.


According to legend, the three founding members of the band (Haager, Flesch und Nehen) were introduced to each other by Wim Wenders at a wedding in Chicago. [2]

They moved together to Berlin and spent most of 2006 and 2007 in the studio and eventually emerged with an EP and a full-length album. The EP was made available to download for free on their website and the album Sleeping English was released in October 2007 through Berlin-based label widerheim. They then found two more members to complete their live outfit and played their first show at the historic venue Schokoladen in Berlin in August 2007.

At the end of 2008, the project moved back to Brooklyn, NY and Sleeping English was re-released on May 26, 2009 via American indie label, Infinite Best, along with a new EP entitled Cycloptic Myopia. A song from the latter was first featured on NPR's Second Stage podcast in March, 2009.[3]

In late 2010, Haager moved the project once again, this time to San Francisco, California[4], where it turned again into a four-piece. After releasing another digital EP [5], the band dissolved in the spring of 2012.


Haager still lives in California and continues to make music under the "Magic Fight" moniker [6].

Other previous members also are still involved in the music scene, playing in bands such as The Framo, We Became Owls, The Gabys, and Masha Qrella.


  • 2009 Sleeping English (CD / Infinite Best) (re-release)
Singles / EPs
  • 2007 Shingle Peelings EP (Digital Release / widerheim)
  • 2009 Cycloptic Myopia EP (Digital Release / Infinite Best)
  • 2010 I'm Giving Away My Kunst EP (Digital Release / self-released)
  • 2012 O' Spital EP (Digital Release / self-released)
  • 2008 Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape Music Magazine (Song: The Magpie)
  • 2008 Mamallapuram Mixtape 2008 (Song: Complimentary Maps)
  • 2009 NPR All Songs Considered: Second Stage Podcast (Song: Breathing Animals)


  • 2008 Complimentary Maps [7] (Director: Sven Flesch)
  • 2008 Blind [8] (Director: Sven Flesch)
  • 2009 Breathing Animals [9] (Editor: Alex Haager)

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