Hungry (Christian music album)

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Live album by Vineyard UK
Released March 1, 1999
Genre Christian music
Length 61:15
Label Vineyard Records UK
Producer Brian Doerksen, Nigel Hemming
Associate producers: Kathryn Scott, Michael Frye and Brenton Brown
Vineyard UK chronology
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(1998)Come Now Is the Time1998
Doing the Stuff
(2000)Doing the Stuff2000

Hungry is an album of worship songs from Vineyard UK. It was recorded live in London, England and produced by Brian Doerksen and Nigel Hemming.[1] This particular album is copyrighted by Vineyard Records UK.

This album was originally released as Hungry in 1999 by Vineyard Music UK Ltd.[2] The album achieved platinum status in this incarnation. In 2005 this album was re-released as Vineyard Music UK; re-branded to Vineyard Records UK (VRUK).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hungry (Falling on My Knees)" - 5:41
  2. "Your Name Is Holy" - 5:22
  3. "Humble King" - 4:44
  4. "There's No One Like Our God" - 3:27
  5. "Make Your Home in Me" - 4:56
  6. "Child Of God" - 4:49
  7. "Be the Centre" - 6:56
  8. "All Creation" - 4:15
  9. "The Rhythm Of Heaven" - 5:17
  10. "I Surrender" - 5:00
  11. "Only You" - 4:59
  12. "Refuge in You" - 3:47
  13. "You Are a Holy God" - 5:32
  14. "Breathe" - 6:30

Track performers and writers[edit]

Hungry lists the following song writing credits:

Song Songwriter Performer
Hungry (Falling on My Knees) Kathryn Scott Kathryn Scott
Your Name Is Holy Brian Doerksen Brian Doerksen and Wendy O'Connell
Humble King Brenton Brown Brenton Brown
There's No One Like Our God Vicky Beeching and Steve Mitchinson Wendy O'Connell
Make Your Home in Me Michael and Helen Frye Michael Frye
Child of God Kathryn Scott Kathryn Scott
Be the Centre Michael Frye Michael Frye and Kathryn Scott
All Creation Brian Doerksen and Steve Mitchinson Brian Doerksen
The Rhythm of Heaven Peter Eckley and Nigel Hemming Kathryn Scott
I Surrender Wendy O'Connell Wendy O'Connell
Only You Matt Hyam Brenton Brown
Refuge in You Bob Stratton, Brenton Brown and Pete Jones Brenton Brown
You Are a Holy God Brian Duane and Kathryn Scott Michael Frye and Kathryn Scott
Breathe Marie Barnett Kathryn Scott