Hungry Hill

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Hungry Hill / Knockday
Cnoc Daod
Hungry hill.jpg
Highest point
Elevation685 m (2,247 ft)[1]
Prominence400 m (1,300 ft)[1]
ListingMarilyn, Hewitt
Coordinates51°41′9″N 9°47′31″W / 51.68583°N 9.79194°W / 51.68583; -9.79194
Hungry Hill / Knockday is located in Ireland
Hungry Hill / Knockday
Hungry Hill / Knockday
Parent rangeCaha Mountains
OSI/OSNI gridV761497

Hungry Hill or Knockday[2] (Irish: Cnoc Daod) is the highest of the Caha Mountains on the Beara Peninsula in Munster, Ireland.


The first part of the Irish name Cnoc Daod means "hill". The second part may be a dialectal variant of déad, meaning "tooth", "set of teeth" or "jaw".[3] It has been anglicized as Knockdhead and Knockday.[4]


The summit

With a height of 685 metres (2,247 ft) it is the highest peak of the Caha Mountains and the 130th highest in Ireland.[1] Hungry Hill lies on the border of counties Cork and Kerry, although the peak is on the Cork side.[citation needed]

There is a cairn at the summit and a number of standing stones to the south and east of the mountain. At its eastern foot are two lakes — Coomadayallig and Coomarkane — which both drain into the Mare's Tail waterfall. This is the highest waterfall in Ireland and the UK.[citation needed]

In popular culture[edit]

Hungry Hill is the title and setting of a 1943 novel by English author Daphne du Maurier. Her descriptions of the mountain and environs are markedly similar to the actual location. In the novel, the name of the mountain is metaphoric, as during the course of the novel the mountain seems to ‘swallow’ successive generations of the Broderick family, who own and mine the mountain. The story is reputedly based on the Irish ancestors of Daphne du Maurier’s friend Christopher Puxley.[5]

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