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Hungry Shark is a series of arcade-style mobile games developed/published by Future Games of London (prior to Hungry Shark Evolution) and published by Ubisoft (since Hungry Shark Evolution).[1] The games allow players to control several unique species of sharks, including mako sharks, great white sharks, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks, and megalodon; to progress, the player must consume other marine animals and grow in size until the next, more powerful shark is available for purchase. In May 2016, Hungry Shark World was downloaded 10 million times in six days,[2] reaching the top 10 free iPhone and Android apps.[3]

Editions of Hungry Shark[edit]

Hungry Shark Trilogy (2012 - 2013)[edit]

  • Hungry Shark: Part 1

The first game in the trilogy and the first in the series.

  • Hungry Shark: Part 2

A sequel to the previous game.

  • Hungry Shark: Part 3

The final game in the trilogy.

  • Hungry Shark: Trilogy re-release

A compilation of the first 3 games, updated with HD graphics

Hungry Shark: Night[edit]

The final game to be published solely by Future Games of London.

Hungry Shark Evolution (2014)[edit]

The first Hungry Shark game released by Ubisoft.

Hungry Shark World (2016)[edit]

A sequel to Hungry Shark Evolution, reached 10 million downloads.

Hungry Shark VR[edit]

A version of Hungry Shark that is in VR and runs on Google Daydream.

Hungry Dragon (2017)[edit]

A sort of spinoff of Hungry Shark, where the player controls a dragon.


Hungry Shark revolves around the player, a lone shark, consuming various marine species to grow in size until the subsequent, more powerful sharks are unlocked. The number of species the player is able to consume depends on the strength of the shark; for instance, a reef shark cannot eat lionfish, but a great white shark is able to. Not all creatures can be consumed, and some are hostile towards the shark.

As the player progresses, the hazards posed to them increase; helicopters may begin dropping explosive barrels into the sea, or fisherman may seek out the player in an attempt to end their frenzy. In addition to these foes, the shark's health constantly deteriorates and can only be restored when food is consumed; if the player goes without food for too long, the shark will die. Each shark possesses a unique ability (such as freezing breath or a boost) that can be upgraded.

Like many other mobile games, the Hungry Shark series offers each game for free but charges real world money for additional gold (which can be acquired by playing the game) and gems (which must be purchased). This freemium model has been met with criticism from some journalists.[4]

List Of Sharks[edit]

Hungry Shark Evolution[edit]

The sharks are divided into 2 groups, one is available via the "evolve" button, the next group is the Secret Lab. These Sharks have power-ups.

Non-Secret Lab Sharks[edit]

Name How to unlock
Reef Shark Free
Mako Shark Reach full growth with Reef Shark.
Hammerhead Shark Reach full growth with Mako Shark.
Tiger Shark Reach full growth with Hammerhead Shark.
Great White Shark Reach full growth with Tiger Shark.
Megalodon Reach full growth with Great White Shark.
Dunkleosteus Reach full growth with Megalodon
Mosasaurus Reach full growth with Dunkleosteus
Alan, Destroyer of Worlds Reach full growth with Mosasaurus
Moby Dick Reach full growth with Alan
Liopleurodon Reach full growth with Moby Dick

Secret Lab Shark[edit]

Secret lab sharks has a power-up included. To unlock the secret lab you need to have a high-score of 350.000[citation needed]

Shark name Special power-up
Electro Shark Electric shock when using boost.
Ice Shark Super Freeze Breath
Robo Shark Turns mines into missiles.
Pyro Shark Dragon breath, flight, Meteor storm
Natasha the Narwhal Javelin toss
Ghost Shark Invincibility, teleportation
Sharkeleon Absorbs power of secret lab sharks

Hungry Shark World[edit]

The sharks are divided into 7 size groups, from smallest (XS) to largest (!!). Each shark's diet is limited to its size group.

Shark name Special ability
XS Extra small
Blacktip reef shark
S Small
Whitetip reef shark
Porbeagle shark
Blue shark
Stethacanthus Stuns enemies using its dorsal spikes
M Medium
Sand tiger shark
Smooth hammerhead
Wobbegong Invisibility near solid surfaces
L Large
Bull shark
Goblin shark
Mako shark
Ichthyosaurus Locates mines and walks on land
XL Extra large
Megamouth shark
Great hammerhead
Tiger shark
Pliosaur Extendable neck, ability to walk on land
XXL Extra-extra large
Basking shark
Whale shark
Great white shark
!! Double exclamation
Megalodon Eats mines
Dunkleosteus Withstands attacks from bullets and other projectiles
Killer whale Moves on land, boost
Atomic shark Walks on land, heals itself using toxic waste
Zombie shark Bites and zombifies enemy sharks, explodes upon death
Helicoprion Saws right through enemies and prey
Mosasaurus Lunges at prey, stuns enemies with its tail, walks on land
Robo shark Glides, turns mines into missiles


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