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Saint Hunna
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church , Anglicanism, Orthodoxy, Lutheranism
Canonized1520 by Pope Leo X
FeastApril 15
Patronagelaundresses, laundry workers, washerwomen

Saint Hunna (Una) (died 679) is a French saint. She was the daughter of a duke, and later married Huno of Hunnawetyer. She devoted herself to serving the poor women of Strasbourg, France. Because she undertook to do the washing for her needy neighbors, she was nicknamed by her contemporaries "The Holy Washerwoman".

Her son was baptized by Deodatus of Nevers and was therefore also called Deodatus. Her son is also venerated as a saint.[1]


Hunna was canonized in 1520 by Pope Leo X. Her feast day is celebrated on April 15.

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