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Developer(s) László Németh
Stable release
1.6.0 / December 22, 2016 (2016-12-22)
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Spell checker
License GNU Lesser General Public License and Mozilla Public License

Hunspell is a spell checker and morphological analyzer designed for languages with rich morphology and complex word compounding and character encoding, originally designed for the Hungarian language.

Hunspell is based on MySpell and is backward-compatible with MySpell dictionaries. While MySpell uses a single-byte character encoding, Hunspell can use Unicode UTF-8-encoded dictionaries.


Hunspell is the spell checker of:

Name Type Group Method Notes
LibreOffice office suite - statically-linked libhunspell starting with version 2.0.2, March 8, 2006
OpenOffice office suite Apache statically-linked libhunspell starting with version 2.0.2, March 8, 2006
Firefox web browser Mozilla  ? since version 3
Chrome web browser Google  ? [1]
Chromium web browser Google  ? [1]
Safari web browser Apple  ? -
Opera web browser -  ? since version 10
Empathy instant messaging - dynamically-linked libenchant issue selecting dictionaries Enchant[2]
Thunderbird email client, news client Mozilla  ? since version 3
SeaMonkey web browser, email client, news client, HTML editor, IRC client Mozilla  ? since version 2
PhotoShop image manipulation Adobe statically-linked libhunspell -
GIMP image manipulation -  ? -
InDesign desktop publishing Adobe statically-linked libhunspell since CS5.5[3]
Scribus desktop publishing - dynamically-linked libenchant since 1.4.2[4]
Illustrator vector graphics Adobe statically-linked libhunspell -
Inkscape vector graphics - dynamically-linked libenchant via GtkSpell[5] issue using Enchant via GtkSpell[6]
FrameMaker technical documentation Adobe -
Blender 3D computer graphics -  ? -
Notepad++ code/text editor -  ? -
gedit text editor GNOME dynamically-linked libenchant via GtkSpell[5] -
Yudit text editor X Window System  ? -
Emacs text editor -  ? -
Eclipse IDE - dynamically-linked Apache Lucene Analysis -
XML Copy Editor XML editor - dynamically-linked libenchant since, issue properly detect Enchant[7]
Enchant command line spell checker - dynamically-linked libenchant -
Hunspell command line spell checker - dynamically-linked libhunspell -
Hunspell UDP web service spell checker - dynamically-linked libhunspell issue awaiting release[8]
pyhunspell Python wrapper library - dynamically-linked libhunspell [9]
HunspellJNA Java wrapper library - dynamically-linked libhunspell via JNA [10]
LuaSpell Lua wrapper library - dynamically-linked libhunspell -
Lucene Analysis Hunspell Java dynamic library Apache native implementation -
libhunspell C++ dynamic library - native implementation -
Name Type Group Method Notes

Hunspell is also used by the following which need to be included in the list above:


Hunspell is free software, distributed under the terms of a GPL, LGPL and MPL tri-license.

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