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Developer(s)László Németh
Stable release
1.7.0 / 12 November 2018; 18 months ago (2018-11-12)[1]
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written inC++
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeSpell checker
LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License and Mozilla Public License

Hunspell is a spell checker and morphological analyser designed for languages with rich morphology and complex word compounding and character encoding, originally designed for the Hungarian language.

Hunspell is based on MySpell and is backward-compatible with MySpell dictionaries. While MySpell uses a single-byte character encoding, Hunspell can use Unicode UTF-8-encoded dictionaries.


Projects using Hunspell as the main spell checker:


Hunspell is free software, distributed under the terms of a GPL, LGPL and MPL tri-license.

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