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Hunt Bowman is a fictional character who appeared in Fiction House Publication's Planet Comics series in issues #21-69. His series was called "The Lost World."

Fictional history[edit]

Hunt Bowman lived on a future Earth that had been conquered by the Voltamen, fierce reptilian creatures that were initially depicted as short and orange, but later became tall with green skin. He is a giant of a man, massively strong, and highly skilled with a bow and arrow. He is discovered living on Earth by Lyssa, the Queen of Mars, when she leads an exploration party onto that planet. She takes him to Mars with her, then they return to Earth, where they gradually develop a resistance movement against the Voltaman. Among the people who join their resistance movement is Bruce, one of a set of triplets found by the Voltamen in suspended animation, who is in possession of the body of Guth, the Prince of the Voltamen. After Bruce was killed, his brother placed Bruce's brain into the Voltaman's body. While they develop their resistance movement, Hunt and Lyssa wander the future earth, defending the remaining people they find against the Voltamen.

The Voltamen[edit]

By the beginning of their appearance in the first story in Planet Comics #21, the Voltamen have already conquered the Earth and enslaved its people. Hunt Bowman, one of the few surviving free humans, meets Lyssa, the Queen of Mars, and together they defeat the Voltamen who have captured them, and use their ship to return to Lyssa's homeworld. There, they form an invasion party to take back the Earth from the Voltamen.

Originally, the Voltamen were depicted as being short, somewhat hunchbacked, and orange-skinned beings, but eventually they became the tall thin green-skinned lizard men familiar to most of the Fiction House readers. The Voltamen wear grey uniforms with spiked pith helmets similar to those worn in World War I, and they have jet black eyes with red pupils.


Bruce was one of a group of three siblings who were found by a party of Voltamen in the ruins of their father's laboratory and revived by the Voltaman commander. Once revived, the Voltamen wanted to kill the three children, but Hunt Bowman and Lyssa intervened and defeated the Voltamen. The Voltaman commander shot Bruce right through the heart and was tackled by Hunt and subdued. Bruce's brother, Thomas, then removed Bruce's brain from his dying body and transplanted it into the body of the Voltaman commander — who turned out to be Prince Guth, the Emperor's son. Because he possessed the Prince's body, Bruce was able to go the Voltaman's home planet, Volta, due to an accident and kill their aging Emperor. This act made him a wanted man.

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