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Hunt Refining Co. was founded by oilman H.L. Hunt as an asphalt refining company in 1946. Today it owns and operates a 52,000-barrel-per-day (8,300 m3/d) petroleum refinery in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The plant also includes a 16,000-barrel-per-day (2,500 m3/d) coker and a 15,000-barrel-per-day (2,400 m3/d) diesel hydrotreater.[1] In 2006, they announced plans for a $500 million expansion to the refinery.[2]

John A. Matson has served as president of Hunt Refining since 1992. In 2010 Matson announced his retirement effective at the end of the year. Shanmuk Sharma was selected to replace Matson, and became the president of Hunt Refining Co. in April 2010. Sharma joined Hunt Refining Co. from the Peru LNG/COLP(Compania Operadora de LNG del Peru SAC, a subsidiary of Hunt Oil Co.)[3] project. Sharma had been the project manager on the joint venture to deliver natural gas from the rainforest of Peru to the new LNG plant on the West coast of Peru.


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