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Hunter is the name of two fictional DC Comics villains who appear in stories of the Legion of Super-Heroes. They are not to be confused with Rip Hunter.

Fictional character biographies[edit]

Otto Orion[edit]

The first Hunter first appeared in Adventure Comics #358 (July 1967). Otto Orion is a master hunter on the planet Simballi where he became its sole ruler. Hoping to find new prey to hunt, he hunts the Legion of Super-Heroes where he is killed.

Adam Orion[edit]

The second Hunter first appeared in Superboy (1st series) #199 (November 1973). Adam Orion is the son of Otto Orion. He blamed the Legion for his father's death and tried to get revenge on them, but was thwarted by Bouncing Boy. Some years later, he joined the extended Legion of Super-Villains gathered by Nemesis Kid on the planet Orando.

In Final Crisis, he was among the supervillains in Superman-Prime's Legion of Super-Villains.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Neither version of Hunter had any actual powers, but they were both master hunters and trackers.

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