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Hunter Marine is a U.S.-based yacht builder, now known as Marlow-Hunter, LLC, owned by David E. Marlow. The company also produces the Mainship powerboat brand. Marlow also owns and manufactures the Marlow Yachts brand consisting of long range power cruisers in the 37 to 110 foot range, built in Alachua, FL.

The first boat design was a 25-foot (7.6 meter) long sloop, and another noted design was the Ocean racing sailboat the HC 50.[1]


In the 1800s Henry Luhrs, a German immigrant, outfitted trading ships and owned a chandlery. His grandson, Henry, continued the family heritage on the New Jersey coast, building and repairing recreational and fishing boats. By the early 1960s Henry and his sons, John and Warren, were building over a thousand powerboats a year. Hunter was started in 1973 in Alachua, Florida, as the sailboat manufacturer. Hunter was sold in August 2012 to Mr. David E. Marlow, builder of Marlow Yachts.

The early Hunter boats, designed by John E. Cherubini, targeted the value-priced market and developed a reputation for respectable quality and good value. Marlow-Hunter then utilized the design service of Glenn Henderson and its in-house team until 2010. Hunter is responsible for several market innovations, including their trademark stainless steel cockpit arch and their use of the B&R rig. Hunter also began the construction of sailboats whose hulls make use of bow hollow and stern reflex, marine architecture design elements that maximize thrust under sail.

Best sales years were in mid 2000's with over 2,000 sailboats built per year in the Ct., Fl., and England plants. Now it is building less than 20 boats a year and consolidated to one modern 150,000 square feet plant located on a 35-acre park like campus in Alachua, Florida, near a The University of Florida research center.

Hunter Marine today[edit]

Marlow-Hunter builds and sells direct and through less than 10 dealers/distributors worldwide. The Marlow-Hunter factory produces approximately 20 boats annually of its trailerable and cruising sailboats. Also included in this total is the Downeaster styled and newly developed Marlow Mainship Pilot Series.

Since purchasing the majority of former assets including factories of the major brands consisting of Hunter Marine and Mainship powerboats; Marlow Acquisitions has embarked on an ambitious and self funded redevelopment of the entire brands including four new Marlow Mainship Cruisers and four new, innovative and high technology performance sailing yachts. Now in the 2017 model year many Marlow Hunters and all Marlow Mainships feature new tooling, and design to take full advantage of a three-year design, build, test to destruction development program employing technology, design and build techniques perfected at Marlow's award-winning and environmental factories worldwide. Marlow Hunter and Marlow Mainship have no interest in high volume cheaply made value products, preferring the pursuit of the industries highest standards similar to the Marlow Yachts.

Examples of models made by Marlow-Hunter in the 2010s include 31, 33, 37, and 40 models.[2] The new 31-foot was developed under Marlow-Hunter under guidance from longtime Hunter marine consultant and Naval architect Glenn Henderson.[2] The 31 has increased interior space compared to older models, and is actually wider (increased beam) than the 33 foot long boat in the range.[2]


Hunter boats and year first produced:[3]

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