Hunting (film)

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Directed by Frank Howson
Produced by Frank Howson
Written by Frank Howson
Starring Kerry Armstrong
Guy Pearce
John Savage
Release date
Country Australia
Language English
Budget AU$5 million[1]

Hunting is a 1991 Australian drama film written and directed by Frank Howson, starring John Savage, Kerry Armstrong (nominated for AFI Best Actress) and Guy Pearce.[2]


An American tycoon, Michael Bergman, arrives in Melbourne and has an affair with Michelle, a married secretary.[3]


Frank Howson says it was a requirement of the investors that he cast an American in the lead.[4] Filming began in Melbourne in April 1989, with the movie being called "Australia's Wall Street (1987)".[5]


Guy Pearce, as well as playing in the film recorded a single called The Promise. The music video featured scenes from the film.


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