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Hunting Aerosurveys Ltd was a British aerial photography company. Its operations became more diversified under the name Hunting Surveys.

The firm incorporated Aerofilms Ltd and the Aircraft Operating Company.[1] In 1947 it was using three types of aircraft: Austers, a Percival Proctor and a D. H. Rapide and planned to acquire one or more Percival Mergansers. The company had contracts for work surveying for tin mining in Nigeria; oil in Arabia, Venezuela and Colombia; timber in Ontario; and mapping in Australia.[1]

Between 1957 and 1964, Hunting operated a specially converted Auster Autocar for smaller scale aerial survey work.[2]

In 1960 the firm was merged with Hunting Geophysics Ltd to form Hunting Surveys Ltd.[3] The Hunting Survey Group's military division became a maker of Trident submarine-launched ballistic missiles. In the 1990s the firm's international oil prospecting work including operations in Sudan.[4]

Hunting Surveys & Consultants Ltd announced the appointment of a liquidator in December 2001 and final dissolution in January 2003.[5]


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