Hunting Creek

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Hunting Creek
Cameron Run Hunting Creek, Virginia (6045538855).jpg
Hunting Creek seen from the east in 2010; Alexandria is to the right
Country United States
State Virginia
Region Fairfax County and Alexandria
Basin features
River mouth Potomac River
0 feet (0 m)
Hunting Creek from the west in 2015

Hunting Creek is a cove and tributary stream of the Potomac River between the City of Alexandria and Fairfax County in Virginia. It is formed by the confluence of Cameron Run and Hooff Run. The community of Huntington takes its name from the creek. Jones Point forms the north side. Dyke Marsh is just to the south. The George Washington Memorial Parkway crosses it on a bridge.

The creek is sometimes referred to as Great Hunting Creek, to distinguish it from Little Hunting Creek.

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