Huntington Drive

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Huntington Drive
West end Mission Road in Los Angeles
SR 19 in Pasadena
I-605 in Duarte
East end Foothill Boulevard in Irwindale

Huntington Drive is a major east–west street in the Eastside Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley regions of Los Angeles County in Southern California.

It runs from the merge of Soto Street and Mission Road near the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles east through the El Sereno section of Los Angeles, South Pasadena, San Marino, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Arcadia, Monrovia, ending in Duarte.

It is also known as Historic Route 66 east of its junction with Colorado Place in Arcadia, until its name changes to Foothill Boulevard at the San Gabriel River. The section between South Pasadena and Holly Avenue in Arcadia has a very wide, grassy median.

Metro Local line 79 and Foothill Transit line 187 operate on Huntington Drive; Line 79 runs between Downtown Los Angeles and Arcadia and Line 187 runs east of Arcadia.


In 1901, Henry E. Huntington (nephew and heir to the fortune of Southern Pacific Railroad founder Collis P. Huntington) began the Pacific Electric Railway as a way to develop the lands surrounding Los Angeles. The main trunk line ran eastwards into the San Gabriel Valley passed to the south of Pasadena (with branch lines peeling off), skirting the base of the San Rafael Hills south of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Huntington retained a large tract of land on the southern San Rafael Hills for his new mansion and gardens, the present day Huntington Library and Botanic Gardens, which on a clear day has a view of the Pacific Ocean 22 miles (35 km) distant. When automobile ownership rose in Southern California, this main trunk line was converted into a wide divided highway and named Huntington Drive, with four tracks running down the median. In 1925, Pacific Electric began converting a few of its other train lines into bus routes, a process that accelerated after World War II, and culminated in 1953 when most of its rail routes ceased.

Major intersections[edit]

The entire route is in Los Angeles County.

Location Mile Destinations Notes
Los Angeles Mission Road
Los Angeles Main Street Site of Sierra Vista Railway Station
South Pasadena Fremont Avenue, Fair Oaks Avenue Site of Oneonta Park Railway Station
Alhambra, San Marino Los Robles Avenue, Atlantic Boulevard, Garfield Avenue
San Gabriel San Gabriel Boulevard
Arcadia, Pasadena SR 19 (Rosemead Boulevard) – Pasadena, Long Beach
Arcadia Santa Anita Avenue
Monrovia, Arcadia I-210 (Foothill Freeway) – Pasadena, San Bernardino Interchange; I-210 exit 33
Duarte I-605 south (San Gabriel River Freeway) to I-210 / Mount Olive Drive Interchange; I-605 exit 27C
Foothill Boulevard