Hunts Point Department of Public Safety

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Hunts Point Department Of Public Safety
Common name Hunts Point Public Safety
Abbreviation HPPS
NY - Hunts Point Public Safety.png
Patch of the Hunts Point Department Of Public Safety
Hunts Point Public Safety Patch.jpg
Logo of the Hunts Point Department Of Public Safety
Agency overview
Formed 1985
Legal personality Governmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdiction* Borough of Bronx in the state of New York, USA
Map of New York Highlighting New York City.svg
Map of Hunts Point Department Of Public Safety's jurisdiction.
Size 1,214.4 km²
Population 8,274,527
Legal jurisdiction Hunts Point, Bronx
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction Buildings and lands occupied or explicitly controlled by the institution and the institution's personnel, and public entering the buildings and precincts of the institution.
Operational structure
public safety officers Approx 20
[Commissioner] responsible Nicholas Rodelli
Agency executive George Santana, [Chief Of Department]
Vehicles 4 Trucks, 1 SUV, 3 cars
* Divisional agency: Division of the country, over which the agency has usual operational jurisdiction.

The Hunts Point Department of Public Safety is a law enforcement agency in the Bronx, New York City. Their duties are to enforce city and state laws at the Hunts Point Cooperative Market, to protect the people and property of the market, including all its facilities, storefronts, railways.

Power and Authority[edit]

HPDPS special Patrolmen and are NYS peace officers under New York State Criminal Procedure law, chapter §2.10 Sub 40 and N.Y. ADC. LAW § 14-106: NY Code Section 14-106 by Chapter 13 of Title 38 of the Rules of the City of New York which gives them limited powers to make warrantless arrests, issue criminal court summonses on Hunts Point property only. They are commissioned by the NYPD Police Commissioner.

The department also employs security guards and Emergency Medical Technicians.


There are several positions within the department:

NYC Special Patrolmen (Peace Officers) - who perform peace officer action and enforce the NYS Penal Law, NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law, NYS and NYC Environmental Protection Law (Engine Idling Law), and NYC Administrative Code within the confines of the New York City Terminal Market. They are authorized to make warrantless arrests, issue summonses, and use physical force.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) – are state-certified EMTs who administer emergency medical care to patients of medical emergencies, such as heart attacks, strokes and automobile accidents; they provide necessary life-saving treatment; stabilize patients in order to be transported to the hospital; and administer defibrillation when medically necessary.

Public Safety Officers (Security Officers) - State licensed, certified and registered security guards who assist in overseeing the daily patrol & protection operations at the Terminal Market. They enforce the market rules and regulations, enforce NYC Fire Codes, conduct truck and vehicle checkpoint inspections at the entrance of the facilities and enforce NYC parking rules and regulation.

Rank Structure[edit]

There are ten supervisory titles in the Hunts Point Public Safety Department eight of which are uniformed positions. The highest sworn rank being Chief Of Department.

Title Insignia Uniform Shirt Color
4 Gold Stars.svg
Non-Uniformed (Civillian)
1st Deputy Commissioner
3 Gold Stars.svg
White Laurels and crown with eagle and stars
Chief of Department
2 Gold Stars.svg
White Laurels and crown with eagle and stars
Captain insignia gold.svg
White Laurels and crown
US-O1 insignia.svg
White Gold Medallion
NYPD Sergeant Stripes.svg
White Gold shield with eagle and badge number
Peace Officer
Dark Blue Silver shield with badge number
Public Safety Officer
Dark Blue


The HPDPS Public Safety recruits must go through and pass approximately 7 weeks of training which includes the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) training as a Peace Officer which entails Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Vehicle and Traffic Law, Defensive Tactics, Firearm and Pepper Spray, Physical Training, Arrest Techniques and Process, Report Writing & Accusatory Instruments training, Interviewing and Interrogating, Patrol Tactics, Critical Incident Management (ICS & NIMS), American Red Cross Professional Rescuers CPR / AED training, Standard First Aid, Blood–Borne Pathogens training and other light medical training.

In addition, recruits go through NYS Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) training.

HPDPS Emergency Medical Technicians-{EMT-B} must receive 140 hours (28 weeks) of state certified medical training with an additional 12-hour rotation in a hospital emergency room on their own time.

Each new officer must then complete a minimum of two weeks of on-the-job training assigned to a Field Training Officer.


Hunts Point Public Safety Officers carry a firearm (on duty only) after being approved and issued a [Armed Guard] handgun permit by the New York City Police Department pistol license section, expandable baton, handcuffs, flashlight, bullet resistant vest, and a two-way radio that is directly linked to the Central Dispatcher and other officers.


HPDPS officers wear the dark blue style uniform.

Law Enforcement Union Membership[edit]

All Hunts Point Department of Public Safety Officers belong to the Special Patrolmen Benevolent Association.

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