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Hunwick is a semi-rural village in County Durham, England. There are actually two villages that are often referred to collectively as Hunwick, Hunwick and New Hunwick although it is generally accepted that the two villages are now as one. In the 2001 census Hunwick had a population of 952.[1]

Hunwick is an ancient village dating from Saxon times when it belonged to the Cathedral church of Durham. Hunwick stands between Bishop Auckland and Crook. It was later given to the Earls of Northumberland, but it returned to the ownership of the church when Henry VIII re-endowed Durham cathedral. The village itself was probably destroyed during the Harrying of the North in the late 11th century, and was rebuilt with two rows of houses arranged around the village green.

The remains of the medieval manor house of Hunwick is now a farmhouse; its former chapel has now been converted into a private residence by a local architect. All original features have been retained including the south facing window. Outside the farm gate is the remains of a gin gang, an engine designed to operate farm machinery and worked by horses. Helmington Hall to the north is also a farm, all that remains of a large house dating to about 1686.

There are two Public Houses, The Joiners Arms (, and the Quarry Burn (

It also has a vibrant community association based within the school grounds, an active church, a post office and a general store operated by Jean Little and Son.

The Church (Saint Paul The Apostle) and the Community Association often hold charitable events, as do local residents.

Gem Archer, who has played guitar in bands such as Heavy Stereo, Oasis and Beady Eye, was born in Hunwick.


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