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Huon Valley Council
LGATasmania Huon.png
Huon Valley Council
(Macquarie Island not shown on map)
Coordinates 43°12′0″S 146°43′48″E / 43.20000°S 146.73000°E / -43.20000; 146.73000Coordinates: 43°12′0″S 146°43′48″E / 43.20000°S 146.73000°E / -43.20000; 146.73000
Population 15,140 (2011 census)[1]
 • Density 2.7542/km2 (7.1334/sq mi)
Established 1993
Area 5,497 km2 (2,122.4 sq mi)
Mayor Peter Coad[2]
Council seat Huonville
Region Huonville, Huon Valley, and Macquarie Island
State electorate(s) Franklin
Federal Division(s) Franklin
Website Huon Valley Council
LGAs around Huon Valley Council:
Derwent Valley Derwent Valley Glenorchy
West Coast Huon Valley Council Kingborough
Indian Ocean Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean

The Huon Valley Council is a local government area of Tasmania. It is the southernmost local government area in Australia. It encompasses the town of Huonville, on the Huon River, some surrounding towns, and many protected areas and forestry plantations. The Tahune Airwalk is also in the area, located near the township of Geeveston.


The name of the Huon is derived from Jean-Michel Huon de Kermadec, an 18th-century French explorer wo was 2nd in command to Antoine Bruni d'Entrecasteaux, who navigated the area. The Huon Valley, Huonville, Huon River, Huon Pine, Port Huon, Glen Huon and the Electoral division of Huon are all named for him. The former Municipality of Esperance was named for his ship.[3]

In 1993 the Municipalities of Esperance, Huon and Port Cygnet were amalgamated to form the Huon Valley Council. Remote subantarctic Macquarie Island, which is located some 1400 km southeast of Tasmania proper, was part of Esperance until then, and has been part of Huon Valley since then.


The municipality has eight major townships and numerous rural suburbs. The eight largest towns are Cygnet, Dover (on Esperance Bay), Franklin, Geeveston, Glen Huon, Huonville, Port Huon, and Southport.

The townships in the south east region of Tasmania that experienced the largest growth were Huonville (including Franklin where the population was up by 1,300 people) with Cygnet third (up by 440).[4]


The most recent election of Councillors was held over a two-week period from 14 October to 28 October 2014,.[5] Ian Mackintosh was elected to Council in September 2015 following a recount due to the election of Rosalie Woodruff the House of Assembly and her subsequent resignation as Councilor.[6] The current Council has 9 members and is:[5]

Councillor Party Notes
  Peter Coad Independent Mayor
  Mike Wilson Independent
  Bruce Herron Independent
  Liz Smith Independent
  Ian Mackintosh Australian Greens
  Ian Paul Independent Deputy Mayor
  Lydia Eastley Independent
  James Lange Independent
  Pavel Ruzicka Independent

Election method[edit]

Huon Valley Council is composed of nine Councillors elected using the Hare-Clark system of proportional representation as a single ward. All Councillors are elected for a fixed four-year term of office. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are each directly elected for a four-year term. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor must also be elected as Councillors in order to hold office. Elections are normally held in October, with the next election due to be held in October 2018.[7] Neither the Australian Labor Party nor the Liberal Party of Australia endorse local government candidates in Tasmania. Councilor Ken Studley resigned in May 2016 following a Board of Inquiry into the Council, and a replacement elected via recount of the votes.[8]

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