Huon railway station

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Location Australia.
Line(s) Cudgewa
Platforms Restored
Other information
Status Closed
Opened 10 September 1889
Closed 1 March 1981
Former Cudgewa line passenger and goods services.

Huon was a closed station located in the town of Huon, on the Cudgewa railway line in Victoria, Australia. The Cudgewa Line (consisting of Houn station) branched off at the former Wodonga station, creating a changeover station for passengers wishing to travel on the Cudgewa line.Today there a restored piece of platform still left, also having the structure of a former semaphore signal nearby.

The remains of the restored platform are still visible, also having the former VR 153 HP Walker Rail motor 24RM sitting static and un-operational on former track.

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Cudgewa line
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Coordinates: 36°13′11″S 147°03′56″E / 36.21972°S 147.06556°E / -36.21972; 147.06556