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Ottawa - Line 1 Confederation Line - with border.svg
O-Train station
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Coordinates 45°24′44″N 75°39′46″W / 45.41222°N 75.66278°W / 45.41222; -75.66278Coordinates: 45°24′44″N 75°39′46″W / 45.41222°N 75.66278°W / 45.41222; -75.66278
Owned by OC Transpo
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toward Stittsville
Route 61
Route 62
toward Baseline
Route 87
toward Greenboro
Route 97
toward Airport
Route 98
toward Hawthorne
toward Lebreton
Route 99
New services
Route 1
toward Blair
Route 45Terminus
toward Airport
Route 97
toward Hawthorne
Route 98
Route 99

Hurdman is a mass transit station on Ottawa's O-Train Confederation Line, and bus rapid transit (BRT) system, transitway.[1] It is undergoing substantial renovation to accommodate light rail. Hurdman is one of the transitway's busiest stations, as it is the main hub of the transitway network east of downtown. Hurdman is where the main transitway route from downtown to the west branches off in two directions: one to the east toward Orléans and the other toward South Ottawa. Connexion routes serving Kanata and Barrhaven use to have Hurdman Station as the downtown terminus before September 2013. The station is located just southeast of Hurdman Bridge where the Highway 417 crosses the Rideau River. It is also located near the intersection of Industrial Avenue and Riverside Drive/Vanier Parkway.

There are connections from Hurdman Station to the nearby neighbourhood of Riverview to the east with a bus-only road connecting to Alta Vista Drive. There are also connections for bicycle users, as Hurdman Station is located very closely to the Rideau River bicycle path.

The station and nearby landmarks Hurdman Park, Hurdman Street, and Hurdman Bridge are named for the early settlers of the region. The station featured a small convenience store which closed with the original station. The site is relatively isolated, being almost completely surrounded by protected green space, with a few high-rise building on adjacent Riverside Drive. To the immediate south are two large artificial hills covering a former city landfill.

Hurdman Station, was opened in 1983 as part of the first phase of Ottawa's bus rapid transitway. The original station was closed in September 2015 and has been replaced with a temporary station for the duration of construction of the O-Train's Confederation Line. Demolition of the old station structure was completed in November 2015.

Effective 28 June 2015, the Transitway between Hurdman Station and Blair Station is closed until 2019, meaning routes either end at Blair Station or Hurdman Station, or travel via Ottawa Road 174 to/from downtown. As well, all east-end Connexion routes do not serve St. Laurent Station eastbound toward Orléans, and west-end Connexion/peak routes start and end at Mackenzie King Station.[2][3]


Hurdman Station, prior to September 2015, at sunset in wintertime, from the southeast.

The following routes serve Hurdman Station:[1]
Rapid Routes: 61 62 87 97 98 99 104
Frequent Routes: 40 44 88 106
Local Routes: 9 42 48 49 56 86 92 96 101 129 199
Connexion Routes: 290 291 293 294 299
School Routes: 28 613(PM)
Event Routes: 403 451


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