Hurley Mountain Inn

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Hurley Mountain Inn
Restaurant information
Street address 106 Old Route 209
City Hurley
State New York
Postal/ZIP code 12443
Country United States
Coordinates 41°55′35″N 74°4′5″W / 41.92639°N 74.06806°W / 41.92639; -74.06806Coordinates: 41°55′35″N 74°4′5″W / 41.92639°N 74.06806°W / 41.92639; -74.06806
Other information Phone: 845-331-1780

Hurley Mountain Inn is a restaurant/sports tavern in historic Hurley, New York.


The Inn began during the early 19th century as the “Suspension Bridge House.” About the beginning of the 20th century it was renamed the Hurley Hotel,[1] featuring a tavern and a one chair barber shop. During the early 1970s it was renamed the Hurley Mountain Inn. For a few years it was known as a biker bar, but then a NY State Trooper barracks was sited directly across the street and the tavern became a tame flag-festooned family place, though thong-barings continued during its New Years celebrations. They claim to have the largest St. Patrick's Day celebration in New York - "latest figure, we served over 12,000 pounds of Mosey's corned beef in just 6 days! (Not to mention 5,000 lb (2,300 kg). of cabbage, 4,500 lb (2,040 kg). of potatoes and 4,000 lb of carrots!)." [2][1]

The Hurley Mountain Inn was the setting for an upstate bar scene for the movie Tootsie.[3]


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