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The Hurmuzachi brothers, Alexandru (1823-1871), Constantin (1811-1869), Eudoxiu (1812-1874), Gheorghe (1817-1882), and Nicolae (1826-1909), were members of an old Hurmuzachi family of Romanian nobles in Austrian Bukovina[1] with an estate in Cernăuca. They were activists in the Romanian national movement in Bukovina and elsewhere.[1]

Their estate was a center of activity for Romanians during the Revolutions of 1848, and they were later a key source of material and financial support to nationalist exiles, as well as a point of contact through whom the ideas of the exiles reentered the country.[1]

Their father was Doxachi (Doxache, Doxaki) Hurmuzachi (Hurmuzaki).[2]

Eudoxiu and Alexandru Hurmuzachi were members of the Romanian Academy.[1]


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