Huron-Wendat Nation

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Huron-Wendat group from Wendake (Lorette) at Spencerwood, Quebec City, 1880

The Huron-Wendat Nation is a Huron-Wendat First Nation whose 2 communities and reserves (Wendake 7, and Wendake 7A) are at Wendake, Quebec, a municipality now enclosed within Quebec City in Canada. In the French language, used by most members of the First Nation, they are known as the Nation Huronne-Wendat. The 1760 Huron-British North American Peace Treaty, which was lost 1824, but rediscovered in the 1990s, showed that a large chunk of land named "Seigneurie de Sillery" (now part of Quebec City) was sold to the Hurons in 1760 by the Jesuits. Therefore, the Huron-Wendats have a contemporary claim to this valuable land.[1] Huron-Wendat Nation has a total of 4,314 registered members, most of which live off reserve.[2]


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