Hurricane (Puffy AmiYumi song)

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Single by Puffy AmiYumi
Released 2002
2005 (Hunya's Subway Edit)
Format CD single
7" single
Genre J-pop
Subway pop (Hunya's 7" version)
Length 2:54
3:12 (Hunya's Subway Edit)
Puffy AmiYumi singles chronology
Aoi Namida (Blue Tears)"
"Akai buranko"

"Hurricane" is the 15th single released by Japanese pop duo Puffy AmiYumi. It is a cover of a song originally performed in 1981 by "Chanels" (later Rats & Star). The song contains MIDI instruments and brass instruments. The subway version is featured in the album Music from the Subway.

Track listing[edit]

The tracks are featured in Hurricane Punch.

  1. Hurricane
  2. Hurricane (Hunya's Subway Edit)
  3. Hurricane (Sally's karaoke version)
  4. Hurricane (Hunya's Fruity Commercial Edit)

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