Hurricane Bertha

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The name Bertha has been used for seven tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Tropical Storm Bertha (1957): A moderate Tropical Storm that threatened areas devastated by Hurricane Audrey two months earlier, but did not become a hurricane and caused only minor damage.
  • Tropical Storm Bertha (1984): A minimal Tropical Storm that formed in the mid-Atlantic and never threatened land.
  • Hurricane Bertha (1990): A Category 1 Hurricane that moved north, parallel to the east coast of the United States before dying over Nova Scotia leaving nine dead, including six on a ship sunk by the storm.
  • Hurricane Bertha (1996): A major Category 3 Hurricane that crossed the Leeward Islands and passed near Puerto Rico, later making landfall in North Carolina as a Category 2 storm, causing $270 million in damage to the United States and its possessions and many indirect deaths.
  • Tropical Storm Bertha (2002): A minimal Tropical Storm that formed only two hours before landfall in Louisiana, dissipated, exited back into the Gulf of Mexico, striking South Texas as a Tropical Depression. Bertha caused minimal damage, and one person drowned.
  • Hurricane Bertha (2008): A long lived Category 3 hurricane that had been upgraded to a tropical storm at 24.7°W, the easternmost tropical storm to form in July.
  • Hurricane Bertha (2014): A Category 1 hurricane that affected the Antilles and the East Coast of the United States, and whose remnants affected Western Europe.