Hurricane Electric

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Hurricane Electric
Industry Internet service provider
Founded 1994
Headquarters Fremont, CA, USA
Key people
Mike Leber, founder
Services IP transit, colocation
Divisions USA
Primary ASN 6939
Peering policy Open

Hurricane Electric is a global Internet service provider offering IPv4 and IPv6 services,[1] as well as data center in San Jose, California and in Fremont, California, where the company is based.


Hurricane Electric operates the largest Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) transit network globally, as measured by the count of interconnections to other networks (peering).[2] The majority of these adjacencies are native IPv6 BGP sessions. This may be determined with Hurricane Electric's BGP looking glass at

Hurricane Electric offers an IPv6 tunnel broker service,[3] providing free connectivity to the IPv6 Internet via 6-in-4 IPv6 transition mechanisms. The company also provides an IPv6 certification program to further education and compliance in IPv6 technology.[4][5] According to Hurricane Electric's statistics, as of January 19, 2015, the company provided 80,487 tunnels spanning 169 countries[6] via the IPv6 tunnel broker and 10,383 individuals have reached the highest level of the IPv6 certification.[7]


Within its global network, Hurricane Electric is connected to more than 137 major exchange points[8][9] and exchanges IP traffic directly with more than 6,200 different networks.[10] The company aims to increase number of IP peers to more than 10,000 networks and participated exchange points to more than 150 IXPs.[11]

According to Euro-IX, Hurricane Electric ranks first in the world for the number of connections to associated Internet exchange points, with presence at 134 of them.[12]


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