Tropical Storm Ophelia

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Tropical Storm Ophelia may refer to:

In the Atlantic Ocean:

  • Hurricane Ophelia (2005), a slow-moving hurricane that battered the coast of North Carolina.
  • Hurricane Ophelia (2011), a powerful Category 4 hurricane that affected Bermuda (as a powerful hurricane) and Newfoundland (as a post-tropical storm).
  • Hurricane Ophelia (2017), a rare Category 3 hurricane which became the easternmost major hurricane on record in the Atlantic, affected western Europe (most notably Ireland, where it was the strongest windstorm on record) as a post-tropical cyclone.

In the Western Pacific Ocean:

Following its usage in 1960, the name "Ophelia" was retired in the Western Pacific due to its long track, roughly 5,000 miles (8,045 km), and prolonged time as an intense typhoon.

In the Southwest Pacific Ocean: