Hurricane Polymar

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Hurricane Polymar
Hurricane Polymar.jpg
Cover art from the DVD release of Hurricane Polymar
(Hariken Porimā)
Genre Adventure, Science fiction
Anime television series
Directed by Tsuneo Ninomiya
Written by Jinzō Toriumi
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Network NET (now TV Asahi)
Original run October 4, 1974[1]March 28, 1975
Episodes 26
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Hurricane Polymar (破裏拳ポリマー Hariken Porimā?) is a Japanese anime series produced by Tatsunoko Productions. The show was created by Tatsuo Yoshida, who had produced many of Tatsunoko's series. Other romanizations of the name include Hurricane Polymer, and Hariken Polymar (since the latter is spelled using Japanese kanji).

Hurricane Polymar is the secret identity of Takeshi Yoroi (鎧武士 Yoroi Takeshi?). He wears a special suit which enables him to fight crime. The suit is made of memory plastic which enables him to assume any shape, including morphing its wearer in 5 different vehicles.[1]

Anime Sols attempted to crowd-fund the release of the show on North American DVD, but was not successful.[2][3]



Onigawara, the director of the International Secret Police Agency, looked forward to making Takeshi a top-notch criminal investigator. Takeshi was given training, which turned him into an all-around sportsman as well as martial arts expert. However, Takeshi's attitude toward crime-fighting was so incompatible with Onigawara's, that he disowned him. For a while Takeshi investigated crime alone; then he became a private detective Joe Kuruma's assistant and general handyman. Secretly, however, Takeshi obtained from a scientist a new artificial polymer, polymet, that was far stronger than steel. With this polymet Takeshi transformed himself into Hurricane Polymar, an invincible costumed hero for fight for the justice and defeat to the different gangs.[4][5][6]


Polymar's abilities[edit]

Hurricane Polymar's main ability, aside from augmented strength and high-speed rotation, is transforming into one of five different vehicles (described below). Polymar's suit can also last up to forty-six minutes and one second before having to turn back. Because the suit is powered by magnetism it is vulnerable to high voltage and will also lose power in temperatures lower than −50 degrees Celsius. Polymar's vehicles are: Polymar Hawk (supersonic jet); Polymar Grampus (submarine); Polymar Drill (tank with twin drills); Polymar Machine (formula-one race car); and Polymar Roller (steam roller).



Episode list[edit]

# Episode Name Original air date
01 "Phantom Thieves: The Flying Squirrels"
October 4, 1974 (1974-10-04)
02 "Deadly Assassin: The Red Scorpion"  
03 "Machine Gang: The Centipede Plan"  
04 "The Skull King: Rattlesnake"  
05 "Web-Spinning Devils: The Demon Spiders"  
06 "Machine Transformation: The Mole Thieves"  
07 "The Bite-Bark Killers"  
08 "Acid Machine: The Pitcher Plant"  
09 "The Cat Demon Gang: Dancing in Darkness"  
10 "Electric Gang: The Jellyfish"  
11 "Robo-Beast Gang: White Wolf"  
12 "Winged Humans: The Robo-Birdmen"  
13 "The Phantom Image: Misty Butterfly"  
14 "The Great Squeak Plan"  
15 "Lightning Phantom: Sparker Dale"  
16 "Monster Fish Pirate: Piracanth"  
17 "The Secret of Polymar's Birth"  
18 "Peril at -50°C"  
19 "Yama Devil: Stikatung"  
20 "Phantom Thieves: The Archer Fishmen"  
21 "Bark Bark: A Disguise Battle"  
22 "Demons of Vengeance: The Helmed Crickets"  
23 "Undersea Devils: The Water Kites"  
24 "The Magnificent Octomask"  
25 "Sea Turtle General: Tortishell"  
26 "Polymar's Final Battle"   March 28, 1975 (1975-03-28)

Other media[edit]

A two part anime OVA was created in the mid-90's entitled Hurricane Polymar: Holy Blood featuring extremists that mutate into amphibious shark-like creatures. Urban Vision initially released it on VHS in the late 1990s, but since then the U.S. DVD rights have gone to Discotek Media. Hurricane Polymar was featured in the PlayStation game Tatsunoko Fight with him and Teru (in a costume she wore in episode 15) as playable characters along with an original character named Astral Chameleon who is composed of the souls of the criminals that died in the series. Hurricane Polymar later appeared as a playable character in the Wii video game Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.


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