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Hurrungene, Hurrungadn, Horungane
Hurrungane towards west.JPG
Hurrungane seen looking towards the west. Store Skagastølstind is the highest peak visible.
Highest point
PeakStore Skagastølstind (Luster/Årdal, Norway)
Elevation2,405 m (7,890 ft)
Coordinates61°27′41″N 07°52′17″E / 61.46139°N 7.87139°E / 61.46139; 7.87139
DistrictSogn og Fjordane
MunicipalitiesLuster and Årdal
Range coordinates61°27′N 7°51′E / 61.450°N 7.850°E / 61.450; 7.850Coordinates: 61°27′N 7°51′E / 61.450°N 7.850°E / 61.450; 7.850
Parent rangeJotunheimen

Hurrungane (also written Hurrungene, Hurrungadn, Horungane) is a mountain range in the municipalities Luster and Årdal in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. The area is southwest in the larger mountain range Jotunheimen and is also part of Jotunheimen National Park.[1]

The range has some of the most alpine peaks in Norway, and has 23 peaks over 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) (counting peaks with larger prominence than 30 metres or 98 feet). Several of the peaks are only accessible through climbing or glacier crossings. The starting point for hiking is the village of Turtagrø along the national tourist road, Sognefjellsvegen (RV55).

The highest peaks in the area are


Hurrungane is the finite plural of a word hurrung. Hurrungen, the finite singular of the same word, is the names of two mountains in Rauma and Skjåk. The first element is the verb hurra which means "hurry, move fast (with noise and roar)". The last element is the suffix -ung, referring to an active thing/person. The actual mountains are steep, and there are frequent rockslides and avalanches from the hillsides. The meaning of the name is then "the noisemakers".[2]


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