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Founder Juan Hurtado and Hurtan Grand Albaycín.
Hurtan Albaycín T2+2.
Hurtan Albaycín 4P.

Hurtan Desarrollos S.L.also known as Hurtan Automóviles., is a Spanish artisanal automobile company, founded in 1991 by Juan Hurtado González. [1]

The company is based in Santa Fe, near Granada in the Province of Granada, within the Andalusia region of southern Spain. It is an automobile manufacturer of exclusive vehicles in retro style to measure, as a coach atelier.


The company's retro-style car models, inspired by classic sports cars of the 1950s and 60s, include: [1][2]

  • Albaycín T2 — introduced 1992, 2 seat sports car.
  • Albaycín T2+2 — introduced 1996, 4 seat sports car.
  • Albaycín 2P — introduced 2004, sports car.
  • Albaycín 4P — introduced 2006, roadster.
  • Grand Albaycín — introduced 2008, sports car.
  • Author — introduced 2017, luxury coupe. [3]
  • Route44 — introduced 2017, commercial vehicle, custom configured for different business types (e.g. foodtruck, mobile office or retail store). [3]

Velántur Cars[edit]

Hurtan designed the retro−coupe bodies for the luxury electric Velántur Cars company, a joint venture of Retrofactory, another Hurtado family business, and Jofemar Corporation of Navarra. [4] [5] It will be the first 100% electric powered luxury vehicle produced in Spain. The battery electric vehicles will be manufactured at the former Santana Motor factory in Linares, in the Province of Jaén, Andalusia. [6]


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