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Husayn Fawzi Al Najjar (Arabic: دحسين فوزي النجار‎‎; 16 November 1918 – 10 December 2003) was an Egyptian Historian, Political Scientist, Strategist, and Islamic scholar who made major contributions to the fields of history, political science, and strategy of the Middle East, having written more than 55 books on the subjects above.[citation needed]

Army Officer, Diplomat, Educator[edit]

Husayn Fawzi Al-Najjar was born on November 16, 1918 in Al Sharqia Governorate, Egypt. He graduated from Fuad Al Awal University, now Cairo University, in 1940 with an M.A. degree in Military Sciences. After being wounded while fighting in the Palestine War he returned to teach briefly in 1953. His class of graduates were the first from the Reserve Forces to become army officers, the system having just been introduced. He also attended the Institute of Journalism and the Institute of Education at Fuad Al Awal University.[1]

From 1941–1942, he embarked on a career as an army officer and joined the Cavalry. He saw active service in both World War II and the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. From 1950 to 1954, he taught national history at the Royal Military College. In 1952, he played an active role in the Egyptian coup d’état. From 1954 to 1961, he undertook a diplomatic role and, on the recommendation of Defense Secretary Marshal Mohamed Ibrahim,he became the Head of Media for the League of Arab States. He later became an adviser to the Ministry of Education.[1]

In 1957, he completed his doctorate in journalism at Cairo University with first-class honors. At the same time he gained practical experience on the Lutfi Al Sayid newspaper, "Al Jarida," becoming regarded as an authority on historical matters on this pioneering newspaper. He later wrote his well-known book "Lutfi al Sayiid Ustadh al Jeel." He was a disciple of Lutfi Al Sayid and Dr. Husain Haykal Pasha, the latter recognizing in the young Husayn Fawzi AlNajjar the makings of an outstanding historian. Indeed, Dr. Haykal Pasha wrote the introduction to Husayn Fawzi Al Najjar's book "Policy And Strategy In The Middle East," (1950) regarding it as a pioneering work in that field. Dr. Al Najjar was becoming a leading figure in the field of policy and strategy in the Middle East and was a Lecturer on those subjects in the Military Staff College until 1954.

In 1958, he was awarded a Post-doctorate Fellowship from Harvard University in Political Science.

He served as Egypt's Defense Minister from 1968 to 1971.


Although he officially retired in 1973, Dr. Al Najjar carried on his teaching work at various institutions, including Cairo University and Al Azhar University. He was also a human rights advocate and a founding member of the first registered body for human rights in Egypt, Gamiet Ansar Hukuk al Insan fi Misr.[citation needed] And, with a small number of like-minded intellectuals such as Tewfik Al Hakim and Yusif Al Sebaie, he helped found the Writers' Union (Itihad Al Kutab).

From 1994 until his death in 2003, Dr. Al Najjar suffered from a long illness that prevented him from continuing his scholarly work and activities.

Variation in spelling of Dr El Naggar's name

  • Hussein, Husayn, Husain
  • Fawzi, Fawzy
  • El-Naggar, Al Najjar, Naggar, Najjar


For his theory on the Egyptian personality, he wrote Lutfi AL Sayid Wal Shakhsiya al Misriya. For his theory on history and biographies, he wrote Al Tarikh Wal Siyar published by Al Maktaba Al Thakafiya (Cairo 1963). A critic and evaluator of the "Islamic State Concept" he wrote a number of books, the best known being:

  • Al Isalm Wal Siyasah, published by Dar al Maarif, Cairo 1977
  • Al Dawlah Wal Hukm fi al Isalm, published by Dar Al Huriyah, Cairo 1985
  • al Islam wa falsafet al hadarah, published by dar al taa Awon, Cairo 1993
  • Al Islam wal Dawalh al Asriyah, published Al Haiy,a Al Misriya al Ama Lil Kitab Cairo 1988
  • Al Islam Wa Roh Al Asr, published by Dar al Maaref Liltebaa wal Nashr Cairo 1979.

His other publications include:

  • Policy and Strategy in the Middle East, published by Maktabet al Nahada al Misriyah, Cairo 1953
  • Al Arab Wal Urubah, published by Maktabet Al Anglo Al Misriyah, Cairo 1984
  • America Wal Alam, published by Maktabet Madbouli, Cairo 1986
  • Asharq al Arabi Bayn Harbayn, published by Al Dar Al Kawmia Lil Tibaa wal Nashr, Cairo 1963
  • Misr Fi al Muhit al Dawli, published by Ikhtarna liltalib series, Cairo 1963
  • Al Fikr Al Siyasi Al Hadith, published by Dar Al KATEB al Araabi 1967,مكان النشر والناشر: القاهرة:دار الكاتب العربي للطباعة والنشر

تاريخ النشر: 1967 لنجار حسين فوزي—الفكر السياسي الحديث—Cairo 1970[citation needed]

  • Petrol Al Arab, published by Ikhtarnah Lil Taleb series, Cairo 1960بترول العرب ( اخترنا للطالب )

بترول العرب ( اخترنا للطالب ) المؤلف: حسين فوزى النجارالناشر: كتب نادرة[citation needed]

  • وحدة التاريخ العربي /Waḥdat al-tārīkh al-ʻArabīAuthorنجار، حسين فوزي. تأليف حسين فوزي النجار. ; Ḥusayn Fawzī Najjār

Publisher: مكتبة الأنجلو المصرية، [al-Qāhirah] : Maktabat al-Anjlū al-Miṣrīyah, [1964

  • Ard al Miyad, published by Dar al Maaref, Cairo 1958
  • Wa,ad Balfor, published by Ikhtarnah Lil Taleb series, Cairo 1960يتناول هذا الكتاب مضمون الخطاب الذي عرف بوعد بلفور[citation needed]
  • Ma,a aAl Ahdath Fi Al Sharq Al Awsat 1946 TO 1956, published by Maktebet Al Kahira al Haditha, Cairo 1957
  • Thawraton fi al Taalim, published by Maktabet Al Nahda Al Misriya, Cairo,195
  • Rifāʻah al-Ṭahṭāwī : rāʼid fikr wa-imām nahḍah, published by: al-Dār al-Miṣrīyah lil-Taʼlīf wa-al-Tarjamah, [1966]
  • Aḥmad Luṭfī al-Sayyid : ustādh al-jīl 1965 الدار المصرية للتأليف والترجمة، [Cairo] : al-Dār al-Miṣrīyah lil-Taʼlīf wa-al-Tarjamah
  • Luṭfī al-Sayyid wa-al-shakhṣīyah al-Miṣrīyah 1963[Cairo] : Maktabat al-Qāhirah al-Ḥadīthah
  • Saʻd Zaghlūl : al-zaʻāmah wa-al-zaʻīm 1986[Cairo] : Maktabat Madbūlī
  • Haykal wa-Ḥayāt Muḥammad, manhaj fī dirāsat al-tārīkh al-Islāmī 1965 al-Qāhirah : Maktabat al-Anglū al-Miṣrīyah
  • al-Duktūr Haykal wa-tārīkh jīl, 1888-1956 [Cairo] : al-Hayʼah al-Miṣrīyah al-ʻĀmmah lil-Kitāb, 1988
  • ʻAlī Mubārak : Abū al-taʻlīm,1967دار الكاتب العربي، al-Qāhirah : Dār al-Kātib al-ʻArabi 1967 دار الكاتب العربي، al-Qāhirah : Dār al-Kātib al-ʻArabī
  • Mohamed Naguib Safhaton Men Tarikh Misr Al Muaser, published by Riyad Al Rayes London, 1990
  • Mustafa Kamel Ra,ed Al Wataniya Haya AL Misriya lil Kitab, Cairo 1994


Kadat Al Fikr al dawli fi al karn al ishreen by kenneth Thomson published by Dar Al Marref 1980

Anne Sullivan Mu.alimati by Helen Keller published by Dar al Maaref cairo 195?هيلين كيلر- ( معلمتي آن سوليفان) - ترجمة الدكتور.فوزي حسين النجار - دار المعرفة - القاهرة،

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