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Husayn Fawzi Al Najjar (Arabic: د/حسين فوزي النجار‎; 16 November 1918 – 10 December 2003) was an Egyptian historian, political scientist, strategist and Islamic scholar who made major contributions to the fields of History, Political Science, and Strategy of the Middle East writing over 55 books on these subjects.[citation needed]

Dr. Husayn Fawzi Alnajjar

Army Officer, Diplomat and Educator[edit]

Dr. Husayn Fawzi Al Najjar was born on 16 November 1918 in the Governorate of Al Sharkiya, Egypt, he graduated from Fuad Al Awal University (now Cairo University) in 1940 where he studied History. That same year he graduated from the Royal Military College - Reserve Forces (Dubat Al Ihtiat). This particular group of graduates was the very first from the Reserve Forces to become army officers, the system having only recently been introduced in 1940. Al Najjar also attended the Institute of Journalism and Institute of Education at Fuad Al Awal University.[1]

In 1957 he completed his Doctorate in Journalism from Cairo University, passing with First Class Honors. At the same time he gained practical experience on the Lutfi Al Sayid newspaper, Al Jarida, becoming regarded as the authority on historical matters on this pioneering newspaper. He later wrote his well-known book "Lutfi Al Sayyid Ustadh Al Jeel”. He was a disciple of Lutfi Al Sayid and Dr Husain Haykal Pasha, the latter recognising in the young Husayn Fawzi Alnajjar the makings of an outstanding historian. Indeed, Dr Haykal Pasha wrote the introduction to Husayn Fawzi Alnajjar's book ”Policy And Strategy in The Middle East" (1950) regarding it as a pioneering work in that field. Dr Alnajjar was becoming a leading figure in the field of policy and strategy in the Middle East and was a Lecturer on those subjects in the Military Staff College until 1954.

In 1958 He was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from Harvard University in Political Science and was a Research Fellow at California University[disambiguation needed][citation needed] in the same year.

In 1941-1942 he embarked on a career as an army officer and joined the Cavalry. He saw active service in both the Second World War and 1948 war and was decorated (Nawt Alshaja'a). From 1950 to 1954 he taught national history at the Royal Military College. In 1952 he played an active role in the coup d’état of that year. From 1954 to 1961 he undertook a diplomatic role and on the recommendation of Defence Secretary Marshal Mohamed Ibrahim he assumed the office of Head of Media in the League of Arab States. He later became Advisor to the Ministry of Education.[1]


Although he officially retired in 1973, he carried on his activities and teaching work at various universities including Cairo University and Al Azhar University. Dr H F Alnajjar was also an advocate of human rights and a founding member of the first ever registered body for human rights in Egypt, Gamiet Ansar Hukuk al Insan fi Misr. And, together with a small number of other like-minded intellectuals such as Tewfik Al Hakim and Yusif Al Sebaie, he was a founding member of the Writers Union Itihad Al Kutab. During his lifetime Dr Al Najjar was awarded many honours for his writings and his other activities.

From 1994 till his death in 2003 Dr Al Najjar suffered a long illness which prevented him from continuing his scholarly work and activities.

Variations in spelling of Dr Al Najjar's name in English[edit]

Husayn Husain Hussein Fawzi Fawzy Al Najjar El Naggar Najjar


Dr. Husayn Fawzi Alnajjar wrote over 55 books during his lifetime. As a critic and evaluator of the Islamic State concept, he wrote a number of books the best known being AL Islam wal Siyasah ( Islam and Politics )and Al Dawlah Wal Hukm Fi Al Islam ( The State And Rule in Islam ) . For his theory on History and Biographies, he wrote (AL TARIKH WAS SEYAR) published by al Maktabah al Thakafiyah 1964 Cairo. For his theory on the Egyptian personality her wrote( Lutfi al Sayid Wal Shakhsiya AL Misryia), His other books include  :

Haykal wa Tarikh Jeel published by al Hayah al Misriyah lil Kitab, Cairo, 1988

Haykal wa Hayat Mohammed published by maktabat al Anglo al misriyah, Cairo 1970

Haykal Mufakeran wa Adiban published by Dar al Maaref Cairo 1989

Lutfi al Sayid Ustaz al Jeel published by al Dar al Misriyah lil Talif wa al Tarjamah, Cairo 1966

Lutfi al Sayid wal Shakhsiya al Misriyah (concerning his theory on The Egyptian Personality.) published by Maktabet al Qahira al Hadithah,Cairo, 1963

Refaa al Tahtawi Raed Fikr was Imam Nahda published by al Dar al Misriyal lil Taalif wal Tarjamah Cairo 1966

Ali Mubarak abul Talim published by dar al Kitab al Arabi 1967 series Aalam al Arab Cairo

Ahmed Urabi Misr lil Misrieen published by al Haya,a al Misriyah al Amah lil Kitab 1993 Cairo

Mustafa Kamel Raed al Wataniya published by al Haya,a al Misriyah al Amma lil Kitab Cairo 1994

Saad Zaghlool al Za,ama wal Za,ieem published by Maktabet Madbouli, Cairo 1986

Sheikh Abdulaziz Gawish Mualeman wa Murabian published by al Haya,a al Misriyah lil Kitab Cairo 1988

Abdulrahman al Rafie published by al Fikr al Muasir edition February 1967 Cairo

Mohamed Naguib Safhaton min TariKh Misr al Mu,asir published in London by Riyad al Rayes 1990.

al Islam wal Siyasah published by Dar al Maarif Cairo 1977

al Dawlah wal Hukm fi al Isalm published by Dar al Huriyah Cairo 1985

al Islam wa Falsafet al Hadarah published by Dar al Taa,awon Cairo 1993

al Islam wal Dawalh al Asriyah published al Haiy,at al Misriya al Ama lil Kitab Cairo 1988

al Islam wa Roh al Asr published by Dar al Maaref Liltebaa wal Nashr Cairo 1979

Policy and Strategy in the Middle East published by Maktabet al Nahada al Misriyah Cairo 1953

Al Arab wal Urubah published by Maktabet al Anglo al Misriyah Cairo1984

America wal Alam published by Maktabet Madbouli Cairo 1986

Asharq al Arabi Bayn Harbayn published by al Dar al Kawmia lil Tibaa wal Nashr, Cairo 1963

Misr fi al Muhit al Dawli published by ikhtarna liltalib series Cairo 1963

Al Fikr al Siyasi al Hadith published by al Maktabah al Thakafiyah Cairo 19 7?

Petrol al Arab published by Ikhtarnah lil Taleb series Cairo 196?

Al Tanakod al Tabaki fi Thawret 1919 published by IKHTARNAH LIL TALEB series 196?

Kisat al Istimar published by Ikhtarnah lil Taleb series ,Cairo 196?

Intisar al Jasayer published by Ikhtarneh lil taleb series, Cairo 196?

Al Mara,ah (WOMEN) wal Apartheid fi Ganoub Africia published by United Nations ,Markaz Munahadat al Tafrica al Unsuriah , Majlis al Amn August 1979

Ard al Miyad published by Dar al Maaref, cairo 1958

Wa,ad Balfor published by Ikhtarnah lil taleb series Cairo 196?

Ma,a al Ahdath Fi al Sharq al Awsat 1946 TO 1956 published by Maktebet al kahira al Haditha Cairo 1957

Britania wal Ganoub Alarabi published by Dar al kitab alarabi cairo 1967

Thawraton fi al Taalim published .by Maktabet al Nahda al Misriya Cairo 1958


Kadat al Fikr al Dawli fi al Karn al Ishreen by Kenneth Thomson published by Dar al Maaref 1980

Anne Sullivan Mu,alimati by Helen Keller published by Dar al Maaref Cairo 19?

Al Azhar fi Alf Aam by Byard Dodge published by al Hayat al Misriya lil Kitab Cairo 1994

Saatu al Hasm : Araa fi al siyasah wal iktisad BY JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH published by Dar al Nahda al Arabiya 1958,Cairo


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