Husband Hunters

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Husband Hunters
Directed by John G. Adolfi
Written by Douglas Bronston (story), Esther Shulkin
Starring Mae Busch
Charles Delaney
Jean Arthur
Duane Thompson
Mildred Harris
Distributed by Tiffany Pictures
Release date
  • January 15, 1927 (1927-01-15)
Country United States
Language Silent
English intertitles

Husband Hunters is a 1927 comedy-drama silent film released by Tiffany Productions and directed by John G. Adolfi.[1]


The film looks at the exploits of chorus girls Marie (Mae Busch) and Helen (Duane Thompson) who have dedicated themselves to finding and marrying millionaire husbands. The two ladies enlist the help of the innocent young Lettie Crane (Jean Arthur) in their scheme. Lettie is a girl from a small town who dreams of one day making it big on Broadway.

After being enlisted by the two, Lettie is left heartbroken by a callous young man and regrets her involvement. However, by the film's end, she is the only one of the trio who finally finds true love. Another chorus girl, Cynthia Kane (Mildred Harris) follows the antics of the trio with both amusement and disapproval.[2]


Preservation status[edit]

Previously thought to be lost film.[3] The film is preserved at the BFI Film and Television, London.[4]


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