Husband for Hire

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Husband for Hire
Husband for Hire.png
Directed by Kris Isacsson
Produced by Howard Gertler
Written by Kris Isacsson
Starring Nadine Velazquez
Mark Consuelos
Tempestt Bledsoe
Erik Estrada
Mario López
Cinematography Sarah Cawley
Edited by Jamie Kirkpatrick
Distributed by Oxygen (TV)
Release date
January 24, 2008
Running time
90 minutes
Country United States United States
Language English

Husband for Hire is a 2008 comedy television film that premiered on Oxygen Network on January 24, 2008. Husband for Hire was written and directed by Kris Isacsson, and it starred Nadine Velazquez, Tempestt Bledsoe, Mark Consuelos, Erik Estrada and Mario López.[1]


Actor Role
Nadine Velazquez Lola
Mark Consuelos Bo / Normando
Mario López Marco
Erik Estrada Victor
Tempestt Bledsoe Nina
Jayce Bartok Bread
Rosa Arredondo Simona
Erin Ross Nikki
Tish Rayburn-Miller Dotty
Kate Micucci Bubble
Michael Tyrell Dinner Party DJ


Lola (Nadine Velazquez) attempts to gain her father's trust fund (Her father got rich after winning over $90 Million in the New Mexico state lottery years ago.) by hiring a Hispanic husband, Bo (Mark Consuelos), offering him $100,000 per year if he marries her. Bo accepts, and then departs from his Texas home and returns with Lola to her home in New Mexico. Lola finds out he is in fact Caucasian. Lola's best friend, Nina (Tempestt Bledsoe), and Bo's brother (Jayce Bartok) join the trip, as does Bo's girlfriend, Nikki (Erin Ross), and her clumsy friend, Dotty (Tish Rayburn-Miller), in secret.

When introduced to Bo, Lola's father, Victor (Erik Estrada), refuses to allow them to get married, until Bo convinces him by playing an antique guitar. In the mean time, Lola's ex-fiancé, Marco (Mario López), and his secret girlfriend, Simona (Rosa Arredondo), who is also Lola's sister trying to keep her from having the inheritance, plot against Lola in order to gain the trust fund for themselves. Throughout the course of the story, Lola and Bo actually fall for each other. However, after Simona discovers Bo and Lola have a plot of their own, she uses Nikki to ruin the plot. However, before Nikki could do any damage, Victor and Bo get into an argument, which has both Lola and her father kick Bo out. In response, Lola's ex-fiancé is able to win back Lola's heart, but Lola only agrees for the money.

Later that night, Nikki and Bo discover Simona and Marco's plot and are consequently held prisoner, so they may not warn anyone. However, Nikki's clumsy friend Dotty finds Nikki and Bo, frees them, and Bo is able to warn Lola. Still angry about the previous night, Lola kicks Bo out once more and proceeds to marry for the money. Fortunately for her, she trusts Bo's words and turns the tables on Simona and Marco, and also turns down the money from her father and departs, claiming that money and greed ruined the family long before that day. She realizes that she was allowing herself to slowly turn into a selfish and greedy person like her father and she sees how she may have been doomed to turn into him if she didn't wise up and she decides to break away from him once and for all.

At the end of the film, Bo is working as a bartender, where Lola manages to find him. They reconcile and show their love for each other once again, and they remain together and happy.


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