Hush (rapper)

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Birth name Daniel Carlisle
Also known as Hush
Origin Livonia, Michigan, United States
Genres Hip hop, rap rock
Occupation(s) Rapper, record producer, songwriter, actor
Years active 1992–present
Labels Geffen Records, Restraining Order

Hush is an American rap rock/hip hop artist from Livonia, Michigan.[1] He is of Italian and Lebanese descent[2] and he is also a long-time friend of Eminem. He is also a producer and has worked with a variety of artists. He was signed to Area Code Management and DTW Records, but left for Geffen Records to release his debut album.


In Spring 2005, Hush released his debut single "Hush is Coming" which featured Nate Dogg. The video had appearances by Eminem, Obie Trice, Swift and Omar Cruz. That same spring, Hush was included on the soundtrack for xXx: State of the Union with his song "The March". Hush released his debut album Bulletproof on Geffen Records on August 23, 2005. It featured a list of star guest appearances including long-time friend Eminem, Kuniva, Swift, and Bizarre of D12, Nate Dogg, and Talib Kweli. Later that fall, a clean version of Hush's song "Fired Up" was featured on the soundtrack for the Need for Speed: Most Wanted video game.

Other activities[edit]

In 2010, Hush was approached by Monica Martino and asked to be a part of her Discovery Channel series "A Dogs Life", which was later shut down by the city. In February 2011, the two founded a group called Detroit Dog Rescue to raise money for animal shelters and to help bring stray dogs off the streets of Detroit. Today, they are raising money for Detroit's first 'no kill' animal shelter, as well as placing abused, unwanted or abandoned dogs. They also involve and educate the community about the problem of stray dogs in Detroit.[3]

2009 - 2012 Band members[edit]

Hush - Rapping
Cadillac Dale -Singer
Cyamak Ashtiani - Guitar
Kyle Palermino - Guitar
Craig "Spider" White - Bass 2003 -2011
Shance Carlisle - Bass
Paul Cramer - Drums
Aaron Berch - Keyboards
DJ Invisible - DJ David Press Drums

2013 - Present Band members[edit]

Hush - Rapping
Wally Filipiak - Guitar
Paul Cramer - Drums
DJ Invisible - DJ



With "Uncle Ill" (Da Ruckus)

  • Quiet as Kept (1997)
  • Episode 1 (1998)


  • "Fired Up" (2005)
  • "Put 'Em Down" (2005)
  • "Hush Is Coming" (2005)
  • "Rise Again" (2009)
  • "Forgive Me" (2009)
  • "C Me Flowing" (2009)
  • "Evil Minds" (2010)


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