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Husqvarna Group

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Husqvarna AB
Company typeAktiebolag
Nasdaq StockholmHUSQ B
IndustryConsumer Durables
Founded1689; 335 years ago (1689)
Key people
Tom Johnstone Chairman
Pavel Hajman CEO
ProductsOutdoor power products including robotic lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, ride-on lawn-mowers, consumer watering products, and equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries
RevenueSEK 53,3 billion, 2023
SEK 5 billion, 2023
OwnersInvestor AB (33.2%) Lundbergs AB (25.3%)[1]
Number of employees
13,800 (2023)[2]

The Husqvarna Group (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈhʉ̂ːsˌkvɑːɳa ˈɡruːp]) is a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor power products including robotic lawn mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, brushcutters, cultivators, and garden tractors. Founded as a firearms manufacturer in 1689, it is one of the oldest continuously running companies in the world. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the group also produces consumer watering products under the brand Gardena, cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.[3]

Their motorcycle division was spun off in 1987,[4] and is now owned by KTM.

Their sewing machine division was sold off in 1997 and is now owned by SVP Worldwide.

Husqvarna Group sponsors the Swedish ice hockey club HV71, whose home arena, Husqvarna Garden, pays homage to its sponsor and the renowned Madison Square Garden arena in New York City.



1689 – Firearms The drilling work at the waterfalls in Husqvarna, southern Sweden, was the first large plant. The state-owned rifle factory had some 1,000 employees at the beginning of the 18th century. The company was spun off from Husqvarna Vapenfabriks Aktiebolag in 1959. Shotguns were produced for 300 years, the last in 1989.

1872 – Sewing machines When demand declined, it turned out that the machinery for production of rifles was well-suited for producing sewing machines.

1874 – Kitchen equipment in cast iron Husqvarna started a foundry to produce details for sewing machines, a large part being the base frames. Soon the assortment was broadened to include such products as kitchen equipment in cast iron and later on stoves and ovens.

1896 – Bicycles Bicycle production began in the Huskvarna factory. Several patents were registered. The last bicycle was produced in 1962.

1903 – Motorcycles The first motorcycle, which could reach the impressive speed of 4–5 km/hour, was produced in 1903. Starting in the 1930s, Husqvarna's lightweight engines helped make some successful track racing and motocross bikes. Husqvarna's first titles in Motocross World Championship came in 1959 and 1960. The operation was divested in 1987 and since 2013 is part of the KTM family.

1919 – Lawn mowers When Husqvarna acquired Norrahammars Bruk in 1918, the product range expanded to heating boilers and lawn mowers. The first test with a lawn mower powered by an engine was done in 1947.

1959 – Chainsaws As demand for bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles declined, forestry became increasingly important. The expertise in engines was utilized in new areas and the first chainsaw was produced in 1959.

1968 – Power cutters A saw rebuilt to a power cutter in 1968 was the starting point of what today is the business area Husqvarna Construction.

1978 – Electrolux acquired Husqvarna.

1986 – The motorcycle division was sold to Cagiva.

1995 – Robotic lawn mowers The world's first solar powered robotic lawn mower was launched. Sales of robotic mowers did not flourish until 15 years later.

1997 - divestment of sewing machines The Husqvarna-branded sewing machines were sold to the VSM Group and later became part of SVP Worldwide.

1999 – Husqvarna acquired Yazoo/Kees Husqvarna acquired Nebraska-based lawn mower manufacturer Yazoo/Kees.[5]

2006 – On its own feet The company was spun off by Electrolux.

2007 – Acquisitions of strong brands The acquisition of Gardena in 2007 made the Husqvarna Group the European leader in consumer watering products. Acquiring Zenoah brought a strong brand and geographical expansion in Japan.

2008 – Expanded presence in China The acquisition of Jenn Feng and the construction of a new plant for chainsaws and other handheld products gave expanded presence in Asia.

2009 – Demolition robot Husqvarna launched its first remote-controlled demolition robot.

2013 – Chainsaw chains The decision was made to invest in a new production facility for chainsaw chains in Huskvarna.

Ongoing – Husqvarna developed and sold snowblowers, which were unable to reach "automated robot" status in comparison to the robotic lawnmower line.

2017 – Floor grinding and polishing Acquired HTC Sweden AB, the leading manufacturer of floor grinding machines and related diamond tooling, along with its France, Germany, UK and USA subsidiaries.

2018 – E-Bikes (Licensing) Electro-Bicycles offered by Pexco GmbH, Schweinfurt, Germany, founded by the Puello family (former executive of Haibike) and Stefan Pierer, CEO of KTM Industries AG (KTM motorcycles). Include motors by Shimano.

2019 – Celebrations Husqvarna group are celebrating 330 years of innovation, as well as 60 years as a chainsaw manufacturer.[6]

2020 – Floor grinding and polishing Acquired Blastrac, manufacturer of floor grinding machines and related diamond tooling, along with its European subsidiaries.

2022 – Going wireless in robotic lawn mowing Husqvarna CEORA, an autonomous robotic lawn mower that caters to lawns up to 75,000 square meters and guided via satellite-based solution without the need for physical wires.

2024 – Husqvarna acquired ETWater Acquisition of the smart irrigation management company, ETWater from Rivulis for an undisclosed amount.[7]


A Husqvarna 350 chainsaw

Husqvarna owns several brands:[8]

Over the years, Husqvarna has manufactured products for retailers, including Sears. Most of these products have a model number that begins with "917".

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