Hussain Abdul-Hussain

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Hussain Abdul-Hussain
Born Beirut, Lebanon
Occupation Journalist
Nationality Iraqi - Lebanese
Subject The United States and the Middle East

Hussain Abdul-Hussain (Arabic, حسين عبد الحسين) is the Washington Bureau Chief of Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai (formerly Al Rai Alam).


Hussain Abdul-Hussain worked for the United States Congress-funded Arabic TV, Alhurra, as a news producer. Prior to joining Alhurra, he worked as a reporter and later as editor for Beirut's The Daily Star [1]. He was in Baghdad in April/May 2003 where he reported on the downfall of the Saddam Hussein regime. He has contributed articles to the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The International Herald Tribune, the USA Today and the Baltimore Sun and has appeared on CNN, MSNBC and the BBC. He often contributes editorials to Arabic daily Annahar of Lebanon, Egypt's Al-Ahram Weekly Supplement as well as Al-Ahram's Democracy Periodical, and Abu Dhabi's The National. He appears regularly on Arabic satellite TV stations.

Abdul-Hussain is a former Visiting Fellow with Chatham House, London.[2]

Abdul-Hussain is a graduate of the American University of Beirut where he studied history of the Middle East with a minor in political studies.


Hussain Abdul-Hussain is a ranked book reviewer on Amazon [3]

He is one of the creators and translators of the Samir Kassir website. [4]

Selected works[edit]

His published Op-Eds in UK publications include:

The World Today - Chatham House

- Lebanon Elections: Into the Shadows [5]

- Democracy in Iraq: Praise the Leader [6]

His published Op-Eds in US Newspapers include:

The New York Times

- A Vote of Thanks (2010) [7]

- Now It is Up to US (2009) [8]

- In Iraq, the Play was the Thing (2007) [9]

- My First Day of Freedom (2003) [10]

The Washington Post

- Standing Up to Killers (2007) [11]

The Christian Science Monitor

- Two Faces of the Arab Street (2007) [12]

The International Herald Tribune

- Are the Leaving? An Email from Baghdad (2007) [13]

- Meanwhile: Fearing a return of the bad old days (2007) [14]

- Learning about the Enemy (2007) [15]

The USA Today

-Justice for Lebanon (2007) [16]

The Baltimore Sun

- The True Story of the Islamic Republic in Lebanon

And in Arab English publications

Al Ahram Weekly Supplement

- The End of the American Superpower (2010) [17]

- None but Us to Blame (2009) [18]

- Syrian propaganda is behind stories of Lebanese terror in Syria, and some journalists are playing along (2008) [19]

- Does Tehran know what's up? (2008) [20]

- Hezbollah should share its power (2008) [21]

- My way or the highway (2008) [22]

The National (Abu Dhabi)

- What the US Learnt from Iraq... and the Arab World Didn't (2009) [23]

- In war or peace, heroic Syria leads…from the rear (2008) [24]

NOW Lebanon

- The Cyber Bully [25]

- The Hersh Hype [26]

Briefings, Lectures and Panel Discussions[edit]

- The Lebanese Elections and Middle Eastern Democracy - London School of Economics (LSE): [27]

- Crisis in Lebanon: The Emergence of a Hezballah State? (Hudson Institute) [28]

- Democracy in Lebanon: A Dream Deferred? (Capitol Hill) [29]

- Religious Minorities in the Muslim World: A Reality Check (Capitol Hill) [30]

- Islam vs. Islamism: Defining the struggle between religion and politics (Capitol Hill) [31]

Published Papers[edit]

- How Far Can Democracy Go? The Case of Lebanon 2005 (2010)(National University of Singapore, Middle East Institute) [32]

- A Quest for Democracy in a World of Realism: The Cases of Lebanon and Iran (2009)(Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group) [33]

- Hezbollah: The State within a State (2008)(Hudson Institute, Current Trends) [34]