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Hussain Andaryas (born June 23, 1965) is a Christian Afghan American and televangelist who hosts many websites and radio programs.

Andaryas was born in Bombay, India, to a Shia Hazara family but was raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. His forefathers come from Jaghoori. He converted from Islam to Christianity after nine years of comparative studies on both religions.

Andaryas runs over 32 websites in both Persian, Pashto[1] and English whose main objectives are to provide spiritual support to Afghan Christians around the world . He has a daily radio program in Afghanistan. He also has a bi-weekly 60 minute live television program.

Andaryas' first website was probably the first ever Persian website on the Internet through's free web-space in 1996. In 1997 while residing in New Delhi, India, he acquired a domain name called Watandar and set up the first website for Afghan Christians.

He helped to bring the attention of the international media towards the arrest of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan convert from Islam to Christianity who was facing the death penalty by the Afghanistan Court, through his news website.[2]

Andaryas is also the editor of the newspaper Afghan Times and lives in the state of Tennessee, United States.[citation needed] His newspaper is an Afghan Christian News Network with daily news from Afghanistan and the Afghan Christians both within and outside Afghanistan.


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