Hussaini Blood Bank

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Husaini Blood Bank
Founded 1979
Founder Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid
Type Blood bank
Focus Voluntary Blood Donations
Area served
Owner Husaini Haematology and Oncology Trust
Slogan Safe Blood, Save Lives

Husaini Blood Bank is a noted Pakistani blood bank that collects blood donations, and offers cord blood banking and bone marrow registration and donations. HBB is a public health organization working for the welfare of the people of Pakistan.

Hussaini Blood Bank was founded in 1979. The Husaini Haematology and Oncology Trust was founded by Dr. Hasan Ali Vajid, with a Blood Bank inside his Clinic at Soldier Bazar, Karachi. Its providing Safe Blood and Blood Components, treatment to Thalassaemia and Haemophilia Patients, Education of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine and Diagnostic Services.


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