Hussein El Gebaly

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Hussein El Gebaly, also known as Hussein El Gebali
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Personal details
OccupationGraphic Artist
ex-president of Syndicate of Plastic artsProfessor of Graphic Arts Department- Faculty of Fine Arts ex-president of Graphic Arts Department- Faculty of Fine Arts

Hussein El Gebaly (Arabic:حسين الجبالي ar:حسين الجبالي) (born in 18 May 1934, died 18 January 2014 in Giza, Egypt) was an Egyptian artist.

Artist Biography[edit]

He received his diploma from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo in 1958, and his diploma of the Higher Institute for Artistic Education in 1959. Studies in the Faculty of Education in Ain Shams University in 1964. He optioned a Scholarship from the Italian Government for three years from 1965 to 1968. He optioned the diploma of specialization in Lithography from the state Institute for Fine Arts and book Drawing Urbino in Italy, 1967.

A scientific mission from the Netherlands Government to study Lithograph Arts and Printing with the Silk screen for nine months in 1976. He received an invitation from the U.S. Government to spend a mouth to visit the ateliers, Laboratories and special academies in Graphic Arts in 1980.

He worked as a professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, Minya and Leonard Da Vinci Institute. He supervised many artists in Helwan and Minya Universities. He participated in the Ph.D. and MA assertions in the above-mentioned Universities as well as the Academy of Arts.

Professor and ex-president of Graphic Arts Department - Faculty of Fine Arts – in Cairo - University of Helwan. Ex-president of Syndicate of Plastic Arts in Egypt. President of the National Association of Contemporary Egyptian Graphic Arts with Egyptian and Foreign Artistes.

Participated in Egypt and abroad in exhibitions including[edit]

Hussein el gebaly with his huge graphic art work

The Expositions of the High Dam, Cairo - 1964.

Gallery San-Fidel, Milano in Italy - 1966.

Municipality, Fano in Italy – 1966.

Gallery Rappel, Urbino in Italy - 1966.

Exposition of Young Artistes, Fano in Italy - 1966.

Gallery of the place of Paraparini, Rome in Italy - 1971.

Gallery of Cairo Atelier, Cairo in Egypt - 1975.

Gallery of the Cultural Center for the Arabic and Italian Cop., Rome in Italy - 1976.

Gallery of the Under Arcs, Ancona in Italy - 1976.

Gallery of Faset, Amsterdam in Netherlands - 1976.

Gallery of Foreign Diplomats, Cairo in Egypt - 1977.

Gallery of the German Cultural Center “Goete”, Cairo in Egypt - 1977.

Gallery of the Avalotiny, Fano in Italy - 1977.

Salon of Madam Aida, Cairo - 1978.

Akhenaton Gallery, Cairo in Egypt - 1979.

The Egyptian Gallery, Cairo in Egypt - 1980.

Gallery of the Faculty of the Fine Arts, Cairo in Egypt - 1981.

Gallery of the Italian Center, Cairo - 1983.

Gallery of the Golf Hotel, Doha in Qatar – 1984.

Municipality Gallery, Fano in Italy - 1984.

Gallery of the Governorate in al Wadi El Gadid, Egypt - 1984.

Gallery of the Mass Cultural, Assiut in Egypt - 1984.

Akhenaton Gallery, Cairo in Egypt - 1985.

Sheraton Hotel, Cairo in Egypt - 1986.

Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo in – 1987.

Arabisk Gallery, Cairo in Egypt - 1991.

Akhenaton Gallery, Cairo in Egypt - 1991.

Institute Francese Gallery, Cairo - 1992.

Extra Gallery, Cairo - 1993.

Academy of Egypt in Rome - 1996.

Cultural Palaces, Sidi Gaber gallery, Alexandria - 1998.

Cultural Palaces, El Mehala el Kobra gallery, Alexandria - 1998.

Cultural Palaces, Ismailia gallery, Alexandria - 1998.

Cultural Palaces, Sidi Gaber gallery, Alexandria - 1998.

Hall of the Egyptian Cultural Center – Paris - 1999.

Hall of the Egyptian Cultural Center – Vienna – 2000.

Zamalek art gallery – 2001.

Cordova art gallery – 2004.

Cordova art gallery - 2008.

He participated in the following International Biennials[edit]

Hussein El Gebaly working

Biennale Abitha for Young People, Spain - 1968/1970.

Biennale of Sports, Madrid in Spain - 1969/1971/1979.

Biennale of Graphic Arts, Lujbjliana in Yugoslavia - 1969/1987/1991/1998.

Biennale of Original Drawing, Rieka in Yugoslavia - 1970/1974.

Biennale of Alexandria, Alexandria in Egypt – 1970/1974/1978.

Biennale of the Second & Third Graphic Arts, Buenos Aires in Argentina - 1970/1972.

Biennale of Graphic Arts, Florence in Italy - 1972/1976.

Biennale of Sasso Ferato, Italy - 1972/1974/1976/1978.

The First Biennial for Plastic Arts, Monaco - 1974.

The First Arabic Biennale for Graphic Arts, Iraqi Cultural Center, London in United Kingdom & Baghdad in Iraq – 1978.

Biennale of Venice, Venice in Italy – 1984.

Biennale of Fredrick-Stad in Norway – 1982/1984/1989/1992.

The First & Second Festival for Plastic Arts, Baghdad in Iraq - 1985/1987.

Biennale of Karakouv, Poland - 1984/1986/1988.

Biennale of São Paulo, Brazil - 1989.

Biennale of Havana, Cuba - 1989.

Biennale of Impriza, Ukrainian USSR - 1989.

Biennale of Ljubjliana in Japan which was exposed in Japanese Museums for two years, Japan – 1989/1990.

Biennale of Chamalier, France - 1989/1991.

Second Biennale of Cairo in Egypt - 1987.

The Eleventh Biennale for Graphic Arts on Wood, Slovakia in Czechoslovakia - 1991.

Triennial of Graphics Cairo - 1993.

Biennale of Cairo - 1994.

Triennial of Cracow - 1994.

Biennale of Capes in Brazil.

Artistic Activities[edit]

He participated in the artistic Movement since 1960 till now.

Association of Fine Arts Lovers.

Association of fine Arts Graduates – Artistic Education Institutes, League.

Association of Cairo Atelier.

Association of the contemporary Graphic Arts.

Special Collections[edit]

Museum of Modern Art, Cairo.

Ministry of Tourism, Cairo.

Museum of Morgant, Fano.

Museum of non-Aligned States, Yugoslavia.

Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo.

The Egyptian Academy, Rome.

Gothe Institute, Cairo.

The Cultural Center for International Cop., Cairo.

Cairo Ministry of Tourism, Qatar.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Qatar.

Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Minia.

The British Museum.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Iraq.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cairo.

The Egyptian Opera House, Cairo.

Complex of Conferences Halls, Cairo .

Hotels such as Le Méridien, Sheraton, Four Seasons Nile Plaza hotel, Hilton.

A print from the Hope and Optimism Portfolio Project, UNESCO - Namibia.

Private Collections[edit]

Italy, Switzerland, USA, Yugoslavia, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraqi,United Arab Emirates, U.K, Norway, Egypt, Saudi Arabia.

Articles written about him in daily newspapers & magazines in Italy and Egypt, Yugoslavia, Japan, Qatar, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, USA, U.K. & Iraq.

Also some encyclopedias wrote about him include the French Encyclopedia “LAROSSE” and The Egyptian Salient Characters in Egypt.


The Silver Medal from the Organization of Activating Tourism, Anacin in Italy - 1976.

Second Prize at Alexandria Biennial, Egypt - 1977.

The Prize of the Collection from Organization of Activating Tourism, Alexandria Egypt - 1978.

The State Prize for Encouraging Arts in 1979.

Medal of Arts & Sciences, First Grade, Egypt - 1979.

The Prize Collection for Biennial Lubjliana - 1987.

The Second Prize in Biennial of Graphic Arts on Wood Cut in Czechoslovakia – 1991.

The Golden Medal in the Trinali of Fredrick, Stad - 1989.

He optioned many Diplomas & Certificates of appreciation.

He was chosen to be a member in the international committee of Arbitration for the Biennial of Ukraine - 1991.

He optioned the Triennial Prize of Cairo - 1993 1.g medal.

He was chosen to be the guest of honor of the Third International Triennial for Graphic Art - 1999.

The State incentive prize (state merit award) for his services to the arts – Egypt - 2000.

Medal of Arts & Sciences, First Grade, Egypt - 2000 .