Hussein Fahmy

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Hussein Fahmy
محمد حسين فهمي محمود
Fahmy in London, October 2008
Mohamed Hussein Fahmy Mahmoud

(1940-03-22) 22 March 1940 (age 83)
Cairo, Egypt
Alma materUniversity of California, Los Angeles (MFA)
Years active1963–present
  • Nadia Moharram (div.)
  • (m. 1974; div. 1986)
  • Hala Fathy
    (m. 2001; div. 2007)
  • Leeka Sewidan
    (m. 2008; div. 2012)
  • Rana Algosaibi
    (m. 2013; div. 2016)

Hussein Fahmy (Arabic: حسين فهمي; born 22 March 1940) is an Egyptian actor.[1][2] He worked in the film and television industry for more than 50 years, specializing in film directing and appearing in over 100 film, television, and theatre productions. He graduated from UCLA with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree.[3] Academically he continued to teach at the Academy of Arts (film institute) for twelve years. A leading movie star and the first UNDP Regional Goodwill Ambassador for the Arab States in 1998, Hussein Fahmy is noted for his humanitarian effort. He has worked hard to convey to his audience in the Middle East important human development issues. His contract ended before the Lebanese situation in 2006.

Early life and career[edit]

In March 2007, Fahmy was named the first Special Olympics Ambassador for the Middle East North Africa Region. In this role, he will work to create awareness and encourage all members of the community to be involved in the movement.[4] He was also appointed the President of the Cairo International Film Festival (1998–2001). In 2006, he hosted a television show, for the first time in his show business career, Elnas wa Ana aired on the Egyptian television and el-Hayah channel.

Personal life[edit]

Hussein Fahmy has been married five times. His first wife was Nadia Moharram, an Egyptian ambassador's daughter, whom he married after his college graduation. The couple had two children. His second wife was the Egyptian actress Mervat Amin (1974–1986), from whom he had their daughter, Menatallah. He later married a computer specialist, Hala Fathy (2001–2007). In 2008, he married the actress Leeka Sewidan whom he divorced in August 2012. Afterwards, he married a Bahraini business woman named Rana Algosaibi (2013–2016).


Hussein Fahmy has starred in 112 films throughout his career, from his debut in 1963 to the present.

Year Title Arabic Title
1963 Alley of the Pestle
1970 Fire of Longing (a.k.a. Nar El'Shoaq)
1970 Dalaal the Egyptian (a.k.a. Dalaal El'Masreyya)
1971 Queen of Night (a.k.a. Malleket El'Leil)
1971 My Beautiful Teacher (a.k.a. Modarressati Al'Hasnaa)
1971 The Lady of the Black Moons (a.k.a. Sayyedat Al'Aqmaar Al'Sawdaa)
1972 Watch Out for Zouzou (a.k.a. Khalli Ballak Men Zuzu)
1972 Love and Pride (a.k.a. Hobb Wa Kebriyya)
1972 Badeea's Daughter (a.k.a. Bent Badeea)
1973 Strangers (a.k.a. Ghorabaa)
1973 The Soul Lover (a.k.a. Aashiq Al-Roah)
1973 Wild Roses (a.k.a. Zohoor Bariyya)
1973 My Blood, My Tears, and My Smile (a.k.a. Dammi Wa Domooie Wa Ebtessamati)
1974 A Woman in Love (a.k.a. Emraa Aashiqa)
1974 The Fugitive (a.k.a. Al'Haareb)
1974 The Bullet is Still in My Pocket (a.k.a. Al'Rossassa La Tazaal Fi Gaybi)
1974 The Enemy Brothers (a.k.a. Al'Okhwa Al'Aadaa)
1974 Ameera, My Love (a.k.a. Ameera Hobbi Ana)
1974 Best Days of My Life (a.k.a. Agmal Ayyam Hayati)
1975 Forgive Me, God (a.k.a. Ya Rabb Tobah)
1975 The Guilty (a.k.a. Al'Mozneboon)
1975 A Melody in My Life (a.k.a. Nagham Fi Hayati)
1975 Who Can Beat Azeeza (a.k.a. Meen Yeqdar Ala Azeeza)
1976 Women in Press (a.k.a. Nessaa Taht El-Tabbe)
1976 The After Love (a.k.a. Ma Baad Al'Hobb)
1976 Viva Zalata (As Billy The Kid)
1976 No Time for Tears (a.k.a. La Waqt Lel'Domoo)
1976 A Bachelor's Affairs (a.k.a. Gharamiyyat Aazeb)
1976 Longing (a.k.a. Shoaq)
1976 Wise Fate (a.k.a. Hekmetak Ya Rabb)
1976 The Gorgeous and the Pauper (a.k.a. Al'Fattena Wal'Sollook)
1976 Hot Tears (a.k.a. Al'Domoo Al'Sakhina)
1976 Waves With No Shore (a.k.a. Amwaag Bela Shatea)
1977 Women in the City (a.k.a. Nessaa Fil'Madeena)
1977 Night and Desire (a.k.a. Layl Wa Raghba)
1977 Sweet Love World (a.k.a. Helwa Ya Donya El'Hobb)
1977 Barefooted on the Golden Bridge (a.k.a. Hafeya Ala Gesr Al'Zahab)
1977 Love Mania (a.k.a. Gonoon Al'Hobb)
1977 Look What Sokkar Is Doing (a.k.a. Boss Shoof Sokkar Bettemel Eih)
1977 The Devils (a.k.a. Al'Shayateen)
1977 Love in Deadend (a.k.a. Al'Hobb Fi Tareeq Masdood)
1977 Thousand Kiss and Kiss (a.k.a. Alf Bossah We Bossah)
1978 Love May Kill (a.k.a. Wa Menn Al'Hobb Ma Qatal)
1978 The After Midnight Phone Call (a.k.a. Mokallamat Baad Montassaf Al'Layl)
1978 Yasmeen's Nights (a.k.a. Layali Yasmeen)
1978 Lovers Avenue (a.k.a. Sekket El'Ashqeen)
1978 Love on Top of Volcano (a.k.a. Hobb Fawq Al'Borkaan)
1978 Woman is Woman (a.k.a. Al'Maraa Heya Al'Maraa)
1978 Masters and Slaves (a.k.a. Asyaad Wa Abeed)
1978 Sweetest Days of Life (a.k.a. Ahla Ayyam Al'Omr)
1979 West District Story (a.k.a. Qessat Al'Hayy Al'Gharbi)
1979 Men Who Don't Know Love (a.k.a. Regaal La Yarifoon Al'Hobb)
1979 Let Me Revenge (a.k.a. Da'ooni Antaqqem )
1979 Sin of An Angel (a.k.a. Khatee'at Malaak)
1979 Deceived By A Woman (a.k.a. Khadaatni Emraa)
1979 Save This Family (a.k.a. Anqizu Hazihi Al'Aaela )
1980 The Night the Moon Cried (a.k.a. Layla Baka Fiha Al'Qamar)
1980 Sinless Tears (a.k.a. Domooa Bela Khataya)
1980 Challenge of the Tough (a.k.a. Tahaddi Al'Aqweyaa)
1980 Bondless Woman (a.k.a. Emraa Bela Qayd)
1980 Watch Out, Gentlemen (a.k.a. Entabbeho Ayyoha Al'Sadah)
1981 Goodbye Suffering (a.k.a. Wadaan Lel'Azaab)
1981 Who Crazes Whom? (a.k.a. Meen Yegannen Meen)
1981 A Dinner Date (a.k.a. Mawed Ala Al'Ashaa)
1981 A Moment of Weakness (a.k.a. Lahzet Daaf)
1981 Fight of the Lovers (a.k.a. Seraa Al'Oshaaq)
1981 Horror Trip (a.k.a. Rehlat Al'Roab)
1981 Shark (a.k.a. El'Ersh)
1982 My Love Was Lost There (a.k.a. Wa Daa Hobbi Honaak)
1982 Nights (a.k.a. Layali)
1982 The Shine of Your Eyes (a.k.a. Bareeq Aynaykee)
1982 The Last Word (a.k.a. Al'Kallema Al'Akheera)
1982 The Shame (a.k.a. Al'Aar)
1982 Collapse (a.k.a. Enheyaar)
1983 Dog Bite (a.k.a. Addet Kalb)
1983 Kingdom of Hallucination (a.k.a. Mamlaket Al-Halwassa)
1983 Dog Bite (a.k.a. Addet Kalb)
1983 Babelshereyya Strongmen (a.k.a. Gedaan Babelshereyya)
1983 God is Watching (a.k.a. Enna Rabbaka Labell-Mersad)
1983 Tanneries Fences (a.k.a. Aswar El'Madabegh)
1984 The Hounds (a.k.a. Kelab Al'Herassa)
1984 Sea of Illusions (a.k.a. Bahr Al'Awham)
1984 The Crooks (a.k.a. El'Nassabeen)
1984 Legal Wins (a.k.a. El'Halal Yeksab)
1984 The Prince (a.k.a. El'Berrins)
1985 A Deal with a Woman (a.k.a. Safqa Maa Emraa)
1985 A Devil of Honey (a.k.a. Shaytan Men Assal)
1985 Honey of the Queen (a.k.a. Shahd El'Malleka)
1985 Rescuing the Rescuable (a.k.a. Enqaz Ma Yomken Enqazoh)
1986 Before Farewell (a.k.a. Qabl Al'Wadaa)
1986 Desire, Spite, and Revenge (a.k.a. Raghba wa Heqd wa Entiqam)
1986 A Mutinous Woman (a.k.a. Imraa Motamarreda)
1986 The Inheritors (a.k.a. Al'Waratha)
1986 The Female (a.k.a. Al'Ontha)
1986 Oh My Homeland (a.k.a. Ah Ya Balad)
1987 Big Guys Game (a.k.a. Lebet El'Kobar)
1987 Animal Running (a.k.a. Garii El'Wohoosh)
1987 Players (a.k.a. El'Laeeba)
1988 This Wedding Can't Be Done (a.k.a. El'Gawaza Di Mesh Lazim Tettem)
1989 The Suicide of a High School Teacher (a.k.a. Entehaar Modarres Sanawi)
1990 Alexandria Again and Again (a.k.a. Eskendereyya Kaman we Kaman)
1991 Dangerous Game (a.k.a. Al'Leab Maa Al'Kobar)
1992 My Wife and the Wolf (a.k.a. Zawgati wal'Zeab)
1992 The Bloody Meeting (a.k.a.Al'Leqaa Al'Dami)
1992 Prisoner 67 (a.k.a. Al'Sagueena 67)
1992 The Revolving Stone (a.k.a. Al'Hagar Al'Dayer)
1993 Criminal Case 85 (a.k.a. 85 Genayat)
1994 The Women Market (a.k.a. Sooq Al'Nesaa)
1994 Hekmat Fahmy
1995 Hazelnut Peels (a.k.a. Qeshr Al'Bondoq)
1998 The Disappearance of Gaafar Al'Masry (a.k.a. Ekhtefaa Gaafar Al'Masry)
2000 Anbar and the Colours (a.k.a. Anbar wal'Alwan)
2000 Children of the Devil (a.k.a. Abnaa Al'Shaytan)
2001 Lovers' Paperclips (a.k.a. Qasaqees Al'Oshaq)

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