Hussein Kamal

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Not to be confused with Hussein Kamel.
Hussein Kamal
Born (1932-08-17)17 August 1932
Died 24 March 2003(2003-03-24) (aged 70)
Cairo, Egypt
Occupation Film director
Years active 1947 – 1984

Hussein Kamal (Arabic: حسين كمال‎‎) (17 August 1932 – 24 March 2003) was an Egyptian television, film and theatre director. He is considered to be an important director of traditional Egyptian cinema.[1] One of his most famous films is Chitchat on the Nile (1971), a critique of the decadence of Egyptian society during the Nasser era. His 1972 film Empire M was entered into the 8th Moscow International Film Festival in 1973.[2]

Selected filmography[edit]


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