Hussein Kulmiye Afrah

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Hussein Kulmiye Afrah
Speaker of the Parliament of Somalia
In office
1 November 1989 – 22 January 1991
Vice President of Somalia
In office
28 August 1972 – October 1989
Personal details
Born 1920
Afgooye, Lower Shebelle, Somalia
Died 12 April 2007(2007-04-12) (aged 76)
Political party Supreme Revolutionary Council.
Alma mater Frunze Military Academy
Religion Islam

Hussein Kulmiye Afrah (Somali: Xuseen Kulmiye Afrax, Arabic: أفراح حسين‎‎) (1920 – before 2007)[1] was Second Vice President of Somalia in the era of Siad Barre between 1972 and 1990.[2] He was also a member in the Supreme Revolutionary Council.

Post Civil War[edit]

Following the outbreak of the civil war in 1991, Kulmiye among other Hawiye Officers were not arrested nor expelled from Mogadishu. Instead all Hawiye Clan officials who served the Barre regime were reinvented as Somali Heroes.[3]

Mr. Kulmiye is known for his honest straight talk against the USC as a clan group incapable of uniting Somalia. Mr. Kulmiye did not participate the civi; war in 1991

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