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Hussain Yee
Hussein Yee - Malaysia.jpg
Hussain Yee
Personal Details
Born 1950
Nationality Malaysian
Ethnicity Malaysian Chinese
Occupation Preacher
Religion Islam
Denomination Sunni
Main interest(s) Hadith studies
Alma mater University of Madinah
Website website

Hussain Yee or Hussein Yee (born 1950) is a Malaysian Islamic scholar and preacher of Chinese descent.[1][2][3]


Early years[edit]

Born into a Buddhist family, Hussain Yee embraced Islam at the age of 18. Yee studied under the muhaddith Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani[3] and had contact with the former Grand Mufti of Saudi-Arabia Ibn Baaz while studying at the University of Madinah.[4]

Positions held[edit]

He later served as the director of an Islamic centre in Hong Kong.[2]

He is currently the president of Al-Khadeem International, an Islamic welfare organization, which he founded in 1984.[1][5]

In 2015, he gave a keynote address at the Australian Islamic Peace Conference (AIPC), which was attended by religious leaders from Jewish and Christian faiths.[6]

Television appearances[edit]

Hussain Yee has featured as a speaker on several Islamic television channels including Bahrain TV, Islam Channel, Peace TV, and Iqra TV.[7]

Controversy and response[edit]

Yee has said that that Muslims should not say Muslim terrorists were not responsible for the September 11 attacks on the United States, just based on "suspicion.".[8][9]

Hussain Ye later responded to the accusations and denied ever saying that “Jews were behind 9/11 attack", and blamed The Australian's inept journalism on arousing hatred of Islam and Islamic scholars.[6]

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