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Husseini (also spelled Hussaini, Husaini, Hecini, Hosseini or Husayni, Arabic: حسیني‎‎) is an Arabic surname.


It is a nisba derivation of the given name Hussein or Husain from the name of Caliph Imam Husain ibn Ali. People with the surname Al-Husseini, Al-Husaini or Husseini are (nominally) descendants of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad through the lineage of his grandson Imam Husain ibn Ali. Imam Husain ibn Ali was the son of prophet Muhammad's daughter Fatima and son-in-law and Caliph Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Husseinis are primarily found in the Arab world, South Asia, Iran and Iraq. Because of their lineage, the Husseini family is considered one to be respected, honored and are given the title of Sayyid. This title represents a person who is a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad and his grandson Husain ibn Ali. This title is normally used by the shia sector.


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