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Hussniyya is located in Northwest Israel
Coordinates: 32°54′2.48″N 35°19′21.17″E / 32.9006889°N 35.3225472°E / 32.9006889; 35.3225472Coordinates: 32°54′2.48″N 35°19′21.17″E / 32.9006889°N 35.3225472°E / 32.9006889; 35.3225472
District Northern
Council Misgav
Population (2017)[1] 686

Hussniyya (Arabic: حسينية‎; Hebrew: חוסנייה‎) is a Bedouin village in northern Israel. Located in the Galilee near Karmiel, it falls under the jurisdiction of Misgav Regional Council. In 2017 its population was 686.[1]


The village was recognized by the state in 1996. Its inhabitants belong to the Swaid tribe.[2] The women of Hussniya offer guided tours of the area focusing on picking and cooking wild plants. Zahiya Swaid heads a group of women who attended a business development course and now earn a living from the age-old Bedouin tradition of foraging wild plants for food and medicinal purposes.[2]

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