Hustler White

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Hustler White
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Rick Castro
Bruce La Bruce
Written by Rick Castro
Bruce La Bruce
Starring Tony Ward
Bruce LaBruce
Cinematography James Carman
Edited by Rider Siphron
Distributed by Strand Releasing, ICA
Release date
Running time
79 mins
Country United States
Language English

Hustler White is a 1996 film by Bruce LaBruce and Rick Castro, a satirical black sex comedy about gay hustlers and their customers on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. It stars Tony Ward and LaBruce in an addition to the Queer Cinema canon, which is also an homage to classic Hollywood cinema. Also appearing in the film are Vaginal Davis, Glen Meadmore and Graham David Smith.

In a plot reminiscent of Sunset Boulevard, Hustler White transposes the action from the silver screen's old movie backlots to contemporary male prostitution and the porn industry. The film, which like all of LaBruce's work is sexually explicit, includes a controversial amputee sex scene. Co-director Rick Castro cast real male hustlers and his former models, including Tony Ward.

Portions of the film appear in the music video for "Misogyny" a track by Canadian rock band Rusty which appeared on MuchMusic in the 1990s.


The film starts with Monti Ward (Tony Ward), a male prostitute, dead in a jacuzzi. Then in a voice over, Monti describes the circumstances that led to his fate.

Jürgen Anger (Bruce LaBruce), a writer from Europe, is in California researching a book on the gay prostitution and pornographic scene in Hollywood. While touring Santa Monica Boulevard, he meets Monti hustling on the street and develops a crush on him. Throughout the movie we discover various facets of Monti, including committing a hit and run which cripples a fellow hustler named Eigil (Kevin P. Scott). Jürgen unsuccessfully follows the devastatingly handsome rent-boy. As Jürgen continues his pursuit of the young man, the film follows Monti through his typical routine of various sordid and bizarre encounters with hustlers, johns and pornographers.

Finally Jürgen can get Monti to show him various places in the gay prostitution scene of Hollywood. They end up at Jürgen's apartment, where Monti trips on a soap and remains unconscious in the jacuzzi. Jürgen finds him and pulls him out of the water, thinking he is dead. He brings him to the beach to dump his body in the ocean, but Monti wakes up. The two of them end up running hand in hand on the beach.


  • Tony Ward ... Montgomery Ward
  • Bruce La Bruce ... Jürgen Anger
  • Alex Austin ... Alex
  • Kevin Kramer ... Kevin
  • Ron Athey ... Seymour Kasabian
  • Glen Meadmore ... Stew Blake
  • Ivar Johnson ... Piglet
  • Kevin P. Scott ... Eigil Vesti
  • Graham David Smith ... Ambrose Sapperstein
  • Miles H. Wildecock II ... Peter Festus
  • Bud Cockerham ... Bud Cockram
  • Michael Glass ... Mrs Glass
  • Vaginal Davis ... Buster Boote
  • Joaquín Martínez ... Ryan Block
  • Darryl Carlton ... Divinity Fudge
  • Tony Powers ... Himself
  • Paul 'Superhustler' Bateman ... Billy Ray Jaded
  • Barry Morse ... Roger V. Deem (as Dimitri Xolt)
  • Paul Bellini ... Roger's Secretary
  • Matt Johnstone ... UCLA Student Driver
  • Max Millan ... Amerikka
  • Sean McAndrew ... Hustler Twin #1
  • Ryan McAndrew ... Hustler Twin #2
  • Stephen Mounce ... Daddy's Boy Hustler
  • Brent Hoover ... Hustler
  • Merie Morris ... Hustler
  • Billy Mauro ... JFK Jr. Lookalike Hustler
  • Rocco Haze ... Monti's Baby
  • Antonio Lee Klatt ... Slave Hanging from Ankles
  • Chris Berry ... Porno Mexican Wrestling Extra
  • Rick Castro ... Clumsy Porno Cameraman

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