Hutchinson Commons

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Hutchinson Commons
Hutchinson Court.jpg
Hutchinson Court, from The University of Chicago - An Official Guide - June, 1916. Hutchinson Commons is shown to the left of Mitchell Tower.
Former names Men's Commons
General information
Status extant
Type Dining Hall with kitchens, assembly area
Architectural style neo-Gothic
Location 1131 E 57th Street, Chicago, Illinois
Construction started 1890; 127 years ago (1890)
Completed 1893; 124 years ago (1893)
Owner The University of Chicago
Design and construction
Architect Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge[1]

Hutchinson Commons (also known as Hutchinson Hall) at the University of Chicago is modeled, nearly identically, on the hall of Christ Church, one of Oxford University's constituent colleges. The great room (or main dining room) measures 115 feet by 40 feet, and was for many years the principal site of convocations of the university.[2] It is located in Chicago's Hyde Park community and is currently used as a dining hall and lounge for university students and professors. The Harry Potter film series has used the original hall at Christ Church in each of its films, imparting a tourist interest in its American replicate.[citation needed]. The building was donated to the University by the banker, philanthropist and university trustee and treasurer Charles L. Hutchinson through a donation of $60,000 (about $1.7 million in 2015) for the purpose.[3]



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Coordinates: 41°47′28″N 87°35′55″W / 41.79102°N 87.59871°W / 41.79102; -87.59871